You won't expect that your rival today is a lady, right, Mr. Phoenix Wright? My name is Franziska Von Karma, a.k.a. the genius prosecutor.
~ Franziska Von Karma
Franziska von Karma is from Ace Attorney as well as the main rival prosecutor in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For. She is the daughter of the late veteran prosecutor Manfred Von Karma and a formidable prosecuting attorney in her own right. She was the prosecutor for most of Phoenix Wright's cases from June 2017 to April 2018, as well as the acting prosecutor for the trial of Iris of Hazakura Temple. 


Franziska Von Karma was born and grew up in Germany, by her father Manfred Von Karma. When she was 2, her father took in Miles Edgeworth as an orphan, with whom she shared a Brotherly/Sisterly bond. However, Edgeworth tended to do his own thing, frequently leaving Franziska behind. During her years at elementary school, Franziska would always wind up going to her previous year's classroom.

Feeling overwhelming pressure from her father's reputation as a "perfect" prosecutor, as well as her adoptive brother, Franziska started her legal studies in Germany at a very young age, and by the age of 13, she was set to pass the bar exam. She took a vacation to America with her father to watch Edgeworth prosecute his first case, but the trial was canceled when the defendant and a prosecutor were found dead in a defendant lobby.

Manfred put the two of them in charge of the subsequent investegation. Franziska told Edgeworth that they would compete to find the killer first, and Edgeworth played along. Upon investigating the crime scene, Franziska and Edgeworth argued about the order of events, with Edgeworth arguing that the evidence didn't make sense with the assumption that the victims had killed each other. Franziska then followed Edgeworth as he questioned the various individuals tied with the trial until Edgeworth confronted Calitsto Yew as the killer and the Yatagarasu. However, Yew shot at them and escaped from the courthouse, with Detective Badd vowing to catch her.

Franziska started her prosecuting career shortly after this incident. Compounded with her perfect record up to her arrival in America, she earned a reputation as "the Prodigy". Like her father and Edgeworth, she would go to great lengths to get a guilty verdict, resorting to her father's tactics in her efforts to match his popularity.

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