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Franz d'Epinay is Albert de Morcerf's best friend and a major character in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Role in the Story

Franz is first seen in the anime with his friend Albert de Morcerf in Luna during Mardi Gras, where the two of them attend a dance.


Franz was around the same height as his friend Albert and had light blonde hair. Franz often wore clothing with a gray shade to them, but he alternated his color of clothing from time to time.


Incredibly loyal to his friends, Franz was, in many ways, Albert's voice of reason, often doubting the intentions of the Count of Monte Cristo. Franz also had high moral standards, refusing to associate himself with the Count due to his blatant moral dubiousness that Albert was seemingly blind to for much of the series. Compared to his friend Albert, Franz was very observant and knowledgable. When in the middle of a conflict, such as his fateful duel with the Count, he got rather nervous.


Franz was a relatively skilled swordsman, having been taught how to fight by Albert years before the story began. He also had a knack for piloting battle suits, which could be seen in his fight against the Count. Sadly, it wasn't good enough to defeat the Count.



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