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Francoeur being accepted by Lucille, much to his surprise


Francoeur trying on his stage suit for the first time

Francoeur is the main protagonist of the French animated movie A Monster in Paris.


Francoeur started out as a tiny flea, but when he comes into contact with a super fertilizer and a potion for giving creatures a 'melodious voice', he grows to the height of 7 feet, and quickly gains the nickname 'The Monster of Paris'. However, when Lucille, 'The Angel of Montmartre' discovers his talent for singing, she realizes that he's not a monster at all, and welcomes him into her home, The Rare Bird Caberet. After a corrupt police commissioner's plan to kill Francoeur (for his own ambitions) fails, Francoeur can finally enjoy singing his songs with Lucille at the Rare Bird unchallenged.


  • Francoeur is voiced by the French singer M in the French dub and Sean Lennon (son of Beatles member John Lennon) in the English dub.
  • Francoeur means 'Honest Heart'
  • He is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera and has some similarities to the Iron Giant.