Fluorette is the protagonist of Answered Prayers.


Fluorette has green hair with 2 lime green clips on the right side of her head. She wears a long black and lime green coat with a big zipper. She has grey shoes.


Not much is known about Fluorette other than she escaped the storm into the shine, a story about her backstory is currently being developed alongside Answered Prayers. "The date is unknown, but it is long after the calendars have ended. The world is mostly uninhabited by people. The only known civilization is a gloomy dystopian city, where a strange, incurable disease is spreading… but hardly anyone notices.

That’s because the only symptom of the disease is being forgotten. The afflicted transmit an airborne chemical signal that erases them from the minds and memories of their friends and loved ones.

Having contracted the disease, Alone and forgotten, one little girl decides to leave her painful life behind and seek out a supposed promised land beyond the black walls of the city. A place said to be sunny, peaceful, and where grow the herbs that can cure any disease.

Venturing into the strange wilderness of the forgotten world outside, she undergoes many hardships and learns much about the nature of being alive, loneliness, memories, and happiness.

Her only clue is a photo she carries. A photo of a field of strange yellow flowers…"

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