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Flappy is the flower spirit that allows Saki Hyuuga to transform into Cure Bloom and later channels Moop's power of the moon, allowing her to transform into Cure Bright. As the spirit of the flower, he likes to eat rice. He always ends his sentences with "-lapi". He seems to have a crush on Choppy.

Flappy is very pale blue-white in color with sky blue markings and black (often appearing very dark red) eyes. The end of his tale is shaped like a flower and he has on a red-hot pink necklace with a golden yellow orb on it.


  • Flappy has a crush on Choppy.
  • The idea of Flappy getting sick seems to copy Mepple getting sick in Futari wa Pretty Cure. They begin to argue and when he tries to tell his partner she doesn't believe him until finding out he wasn't lying.
  • Another example, is when he argues with Saki a lot. This is much like Mipple and Nagisa.
  • Flappy, along with Choppy, are the second mascots who have a shape at the end of their tails after Mepple and Mipple.


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