Funny and fantastic, Flabber is a silly spectral sidekick, a fantasm, also known as a phasm. He was in the show Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs. Flabber is to the Beetleborgs what Zordon was to the Power Rangers. Flabber is very eccentric, styles his hair like Elvis, yet dresses like liberace. Quirky and perky, he is the world's first ghost with an identity crisis.  When a group of kids arrived to his secret lair, the Hillhurst Mansion, they free him from a pipe organ, and he grants them their own special wish: to be their comic book heroes, the Big Bad Beetleborgs. He gives them their powers after. Unfortunately, Flabber also brought life to the villains of the series. Flabber and the Beetleborgs must work together to send them back to the comic book world.


To the Beetleborgs, Flabber is a nice, friendly ghost, but he prefers to be referred to as a phasm. It is unknown what he was in a past life. His current personality is that of an absent-minded, slightly dimwitted, eccentric buffoon. He lives in Hillhurst Mansion with several other monsters. These monsters are always thinking about eating the kids that enter. Flabber will never harm his human friends, and even goes so far as to be cruel to the other resident monsters if they try to eat the kids. Despite the fact that he is a polymath; being a sorcerer, musician and inventor, Flabber is usually involved in some kind of impulsive or hare-brained scheme. Flabber is usually unaware of the consequences of his actions until it happens.

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