Samuel "Sam" Peyton Jones is a Welsh firefighter and the main protagonist of the animated television series of the same name.

Personality and background

Sam is kind, wise, understanding, and knows everything there is to know about fire and safety. Sam is single, but likes to spend close quality time with Sarah and James, his niece and nephew.

Sam's residence is at 3 Vale Rd, Pontypandy.

As well as being a fireman, Sam is also a keen inventor, and likes to make the most of his spare time at home by inventing things in his backyard shed, of which Bentley the Robot (first appears in the season 3 episode "Bentley the Robot"), a robotic superhuman manservant, was his most successful, considering that everything else Sam invented before either broke, malfunctioned or didn't work properly.

Sam is also the one that usually drives Jupiter (based on a TK Model Bedford), Pontypandy fire station's main vehicle.


  • Fireman and station cook Elvis Cridlington
  • Firefighter Penny Morris
  • Station Officer Steele
  • Auxiliary fireman and Pontypandy bus driver Trevor Evans
  • Italian café owner Bella Lasagne
  • Sarah and James, niece and nephew
  • General store owner Dillys Price
  • Town troublemaker Norman Price