Thank you, Joy. But I'll have you know I'm not scared of everything.
~ Fear

Fear is one of the tritagonists from the 2015 Pixar film, Inside Out. He is the purple Emotion and one of the five Emotions inside the mind of Riley Andersen. He appears to be very paranoid and unsure of himself, and often tries to protect Riley from danger, a description that matches his name.

He is voiced by Bill Hader who also voices Flint Lockwood.


Fear is one of the five emotions introduced after Joy. Fear is somehow very nervous and paranoid which is one of the reasons why his basis was based on frightening. Fear is eventually one of the five emotions of the headquarters inside Riley's mind, explaining about the internal core's memory orbs until later, all the orbs have fallen out.

Eventually, he, Anger, and Disgust went into a problem when Joy and Sadness are go missing, causing him to fall into panic. When they fail to help cope while the other emotions are gone, their plans fail to maintain Riley and then Anger comes to the thought of making her run away. Despite his and Disgust's protests, Anger carries out the idea, which causes him and Disgust to immediately regret. As the headquarters are turning black, Joy and Sadness finally return in the nick of time and Sadness is able to convince Riley to return to her parents and save the day, Fear and the other emotions continue adapting Riley to a new life in the end.