Fatty Bear Art 7929

Fatty Bear is the protagonist of the 1990's computer game Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise. When anyone human, especially his owner Kayla, is awake, he is just a stuffed animal, but when everyone else is asleep, he's alive. However, even so, Kayla seems to have intuition of Fatty Bear and his fellow toys' lives. This begins when on the night before Kayla's birthday, she falls asleep, and he comes to life afterward.

He has to prepare a chocolatey-chip birthday cake (with the help of fellow stuffed animal Matilda Rabbit, who takes the more grown-up steps for him, such as putting the cake in the oven and taking it out), make sure a puppy (which was meant to be Kayla's birthday present) gets put back into the box (even if it means he has to give her a bath first if he catches her digging a hole in the garden), gather three missing letters for the "Happy Birthday" sign mostly prepared by a doll named Gretchen, and blow up five balloons.

After all four (or five if you count bathing the puppy) tasks are done, it ends with him having to get back on Kayla's bed and become his stuffed self again as Kayla wakes up.

Fatty Bear is voiced by Scott Burns.

Fatty Bear is friends with Putt-Putt, as it is shown in a sneak-peak in the game and in the spin-off "Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack".

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