Falco Lombardi Assault
Hands off my prey.
~ Falco taunting

Falco Lombardi is the ace pilot of Star Fox team. He also acts like a second in command to Fox McCloud. He helps Star Fox to defeat Andross and Venomian Army. Falco resembles some variety of falcon, and his English name comes from the name of the falcon genus. At the time of Star Fox 64, Falco Lombardi was 19 years old. Falco started as the head of a galactic gang, and possesses an uncooperative attitude, though he is devoted to the pilots he flies with. Falco is one of the most respected and skilled pilots of the Star Fox Team. His personality consists of a brash, overconfident cockiness. He is further described as "brash". Falco has incredible nerves, and can accurately predict the tide of battle.