Bakugan - Fabia Sheen
Background information
Origin Bakugan : Gundalian Invaders (Main Character)
Bakugan : Mechtanium Surge (Minor and recurring character)
Hero information
Full name Fabia Sheen
Alias Hime-sama (Original version), Princess fabia, Queen Fabia
Occupation Neathia Princess , Battle Brawler, Castle Knight (Formerly)
Queen of Neathia
Powers / Skills Brawler skill , physical strenght
Hobbies Help her people and her friends
Goals To stop Neathia-Gundalia war (Success)
Family -Serena Sheen (Older sister)
-Jin (Fiance) -Deceased
Friends / Allies Battle Brawler, Captain Elright, Jin, Serena Sheen, Nurzak, Team Ren Krawler, Paige, Rafe
Enemies Twelve order (except Nurzak ) Team Ren krawler (formerly)
Type of Hero Princess Warrior, Battle Brawler, Amazon, Serious Heroine

Fabia Sheen(ファビア・シーン Fabia Shīn)now known as Queen Fabia, was the former Princess of Neathia and was the Haos Brawler for the Battle Brawlers. In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, she has become the current Neathian Queen.

She is voiced Haruhi Terada and Stephanie Ann Mills in English/Canadian version


Fabia overall is independent ,serious, brave and kind-hearted princess. After the death of her fiancé , she decide to find the help from someone in earth to help her to stop Neathia-Gundalia war, and join the battlefield. Fabia greatly concert about her planet and her people safety. She is also very difficult to trust someone to join her side, especially Ren Krawler . To make a prove if he worth it, she decide to challenge him to make sure if Ren is not lie for once again.

When become a queen, she become more calm and charismatic just like her older sister, Serena Sheen.

Skills and Abilities

Fabia throwing Dan for the second time BGI 3

Fabia throw Dan Kuso after being defeat by him

As Battle Brawler, Fabia at first didn't seem to be very good, due to losing a majority of her battles. However she improved and became a decent battler but not a brilliant one. From her record she won 25-37.5-50% of her total battles.

Aside her brawler skills, Fabia proof strong enough by physically and have some martial arts for fight. For example, she able to throw Dan , Shun , Zenet Surrow and some Gundalian Soldier . And also when she do infiltration to save aranaut, she able to defeat the Gundalian Soldier with single hand by herself


  • Unlike the others,She is only the Brawler who initially have engaged relationship.
    • If Jin is still alive and survive from Kazarina attack, there is possibility that Fabia will have a marriage after the war.
  • Unlike the other female Neathian, Fabia has light-purple skin
  • Her name is based on Fabia Eudokia  a Byzantine woman who became the first empress-consort of Heraclius from 610 to her death in 612

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