Explosive Ninja Rocket Man
Explosive Ninja Rocket Man (爆忍 ロケットマン Bakunin Rokettoman?): An American ninja who specializes in explosives and gunpowder. Wields a rocket launcher, which he usually carries on his back. However, he is not adept at close-quarters combat. A Vietnam War veteran, he decided to flee from the conflict after he encountered a young girl named Tao (タオ?) whose parents were killed. He faked his death and adopted Tao as his own daughter. In Episode 14, he goes to Japan for the first time in order to clear his name after the Sorcerers Clan framed for a bombing and kidnapping he didn't commit. In Episode 44, he is forced to fight Jiraiya against his will when Tao is kidnapped by the Sorcerers Clan. After Tao is rescued, he returns alongside Mafuuba and Wild in order to assist Jiraiya in the final battle against the Sorcerers.


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