Erio Touwa is the first cousin of Makoto and the daughter of Meme.


One day when she was heading home from school she mysteriously disappeared for six months only to befound floating in the sea with no memories of what had taken place at all. she began to become  extreme fascination with ailens. Following an incident whilst trying to fly on her bike where she broke her leg, she started to constantly wrap herself in a futon. Her mother would constantly ignore her and pretend she didn't exist. This was first shown when Makoto and Meme got home. After accepting that she is human she begins to use her futon less, only when she's uncomfortable. She also begins to do more things that a normal person would do, like going to work and playing baseball. She likes to watch to the night sky with a telescope together with Makoto and often draws what she sees on a notebook.


Erio is often seen wearing a pink futon with purple floral patterns on it, which covers most of her body except for her legs, bottom of her skirt and sometimes the tips of her hair. when she not roll up in her futon.she wears a school uniform which is a white shirt bow tis and a skirt she wears her shirt unkempt and her bow tie loose. her hair color is light blue and her eyes are a deep blue. she is a very beautiful girl. she has a very award personally and is very shy.


Since the beginning, she has a very awkward personality. But after she acknowledged that she was not an alien, she started to show some of her real self: That she is very shy.


  • Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Erio entered Saimoe Contests.
    • To see her result, visit here: [1]
    • To vote in for her when the match is on, visit here: [2]


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