Erika Miyazato
Eri of the Chain never turns around!
~ Erika

Erika Miyazato is a recruitable character in Big Bang Age and a playable character in Big Bang Beat Revolve. Her subordinates Saki and Shouko were also recruitable in Big Bang Age, and so in Big Bang Beat Revolve, Erika's name is written as 宮里軍団 (Miyazato Gundan, lit. Miyazato Corps/Army) to reflect their status as a unified team.

Erika was a student planning to fight against Agito of the Dark before Rouga Zanma came along. Jealous of the fact that Rouga's Wolf Fang Brigade attracted much more attention than her group, she challenged him to a fight for the right to go up against Agito, and lost. Afterwards, she grudgingly joined Wolf Fang, along with Saki and Shouko.

Special Abilities

Erika has no Special Abilities tied to the D button.

It is worth noting that Erika can dash over knocked down opponents, crossing them up, so long as they aren't at the very edge of the corner.


  • In Big Bang Beat, Erika and her gang only showed at Heita's stage (At day)
  • Surprisingly, Erika didn't get the chance to become a Big Bang Beat playable character which she's supposed to be because of BBA popularity voting showed Erika is more popular over Kendo & Kyuudo Nakanishi.
  • Erika becomes playable in Big Bang Beat - Revolve, with Shouko and Saki as her strikers. They appear as the Miyazato Gundan on the character select screen.

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