Elizabeth "Beth" McIntyre is a character from Cloverfield. She is the long-time platonic friend of Rob Hawkins. At the beginning of the film, she appears in a month-old recording in bed naked at her father's apartment while Rob playfully records. However, she becomes upset with Rob after he seemingly ignores her after they sleep together. The night before Rob leaves for his new job in Japan, Beth brings another man, Travis, to the going-away party after her friend Lily invites her to come. After a heated argument between Beth and Rob, she and Travis leave the party. Upon the monster's arrival, however, Rob calls Beth, but is distressed to hear her say that she is trapped in her father's apartment during the onslaught. Most of the film's plot concerns his attempt to rescue her and ensure her safety, a feat which Rob is able to accomplish, albeit with great difficulty — what with interceptions by the monster, its parasites, and the army making it nearly impossible. Finally, when Rob and the others find her, she is unconscious, impaled in the shoulder by a rebar of her building's structure. After the rescue, she, along with Rob and Hud, board a helicopter that is treated to a bird's eye view of the assault on the monster, but is attacked in the process. She survives the monster attack and crash. After the death of Hud, she and Rob take cover under a nearby bridge and make a final recording, dedicating it to profession of love towards each other and letting whoever watches the video know who they are, and what happened. The bridge is then destroyed by the bombs on the final trump card used in the attempt to kill the monster. A recording after this shows Rob and Beth at Coney Island. She ends the recording and the film with her words: "I had a good day." It is unknown whether she survives the final attack depicted in the film, (although in an alternate ending, she survives based on footage that was recorded when the explosion in the end of the movie happened). In the character's MySpace page, it is said that she hates Madden NFL games, because she thinks that men spend too much time playing it.

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