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Elina is the youngest daughter of the Vance Family and Captain of the Vance Royal Guard. A prominent Queen's Blade competitor, she wears tiger-themed armor and is armed with a clawed gauntlet and spear as weapons. She was trained from a young age in all manners of martial arts, from stealth to strict military discipline, and acts as bodyguard, spy, and assassin for her father. Elina's personality is vicious and ruthless except in the company of her sisters, particularly Leina in front of whom she assumes a childlike personality. Aside from her skills with the lance, she can use "cursing words" to inflict damage directly to her opponent's head. She also has naughty thoughts about her sister Leina in which Leina wants no part in. In Queen's Blade Rebellion, Elina becomes the new leader of the Queen's Assassins of the Fang after the Vance House collapsed, and wears a brand-new set of armor while still retaining her trademark claw guantlet and cat-eared headband from her previous armor.
Elina was created by Hirokazu Hisayuki.

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