Elias walker ghosts

Elias Walker, a founding member of the Ghosts

Captain Elias T. Walker is a main character of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts and a founding member of the de-facto U.S. elite special operations unit called the Ghosts, which was formed after an ODIN disaster that decimated the Southwestern United States.

The ODIN disaster of 2016

After telling the story of Ghosts' origin to his sons: David and Logan, tremors started happening. At first, Elias and the Walker brothers believe it to be a typical San Andreas fault movement, that is until Elias started noticing massive explosions coming from under the Earth's surface causing masive craters. Elias relized that it was ODIN turning against them (thanks to the Federation), and is firing tungsten rods from orbit at all of the U.S. land. After telling his sons to get back home, Elias went to check on what's going on. After a tanker truck exploded, he and David carry an injured Logan to safety.

2026: War Against the Federation of the Americas

Elias was the commanding officer of the Ghosts team, which included his sons, David and Logan, and old friends Thomas A. Merrick, Keegan P. Russ, and Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson. He overlooked many of Ghosts' missions in 2028, including an stealth mission of "No Man's Land", the failed rescue attempt of Ajax, the defense of Fort Santa Monica, "Federation Day", and the capture of former Ghost: Gabriel T. Rorke


While on a mission in Las Vegas, Elias and his sons were captured by Rorke after the latter escapes from captivity of his prior squad. When he was told to undermine Keegan's arrival, Elias refuses and is roughed up by Rorke. While Logan was trying to kill Rorke, Elias was accidently shot by his youngest son and Logan was thrown to the floor. Before being shot and killed, Elias reassured Logan and implies that he's proud of his sons.


  • Elias was a Tier One unit Lieutenant before promoting to Capatin and leader of Ghosts. It can be assumed that Elias was a part of the Delta Force, as it was the premiere Tier One unit in the U.S. Military.
  • Elias is voiced by actor Stephen Lang.

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