Eilonwy is a princess from the Prydain book series and the tritagonist in the Disney film The Black Cauldron. She is a love interest of Taran. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, black shoes, white petticoat, a pink calf-length skirt with a red and dark purple blouse and long white sleeves.

She was voiced by the late Susan Sheridan.

Role in the film

In the film, the Horned King kidnaps her in hopes that her magic bauble could find the Black Cauldron. She and Taran first meet in the lower ruins under the Horned King's castle (once the home of King Rhitta). There, the two come across the mystic sword, Dyrnwyn, and free Fflewddur Fflam from his imprisonment. The group of friends later travel to the realm of the Fair Folk (thanks to Gurgi who didn't lie to Taran and the gang) and reunite with the pig Hen Wen.

The king of the Fair Folk sends Doli with them as an escort to the Marshes of Morva to retrieve the Cauldron. After they receive the Cauldron by trading away Dyrnwyn, they are captured again by the Horned King who then unleases the Cauldron Born. After Gurgi sacrifices himself into the Cauldron, the friends trade the Cauldron back to the Witches of Morva in exchange for Gurgi back. The bargian is granted, and Eilonwy and Taran end up kissing each other.


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