CGI Edward


Edward the Blue Engine




Thomas and Friends, The railway series


Train , Thomas mentor (in The Adventure Begin)




Giving advice to the other engine, mentoring, help the other engine


Being tease "Old and Unreliable" by the other big engine especially Gordon, Gordon never thanks to him.


Being useful engine, saving Trevor from being scrapped, making Gordon to give a "thank you" at him (success)

Type of Hero

Wise hero, Legendary hero, mentor

Oh, but I didn't think you needed any help from Me. After all, I'm so old and unreliable
~ Edward to Gordon
Edward the Blue Engine is one of the most oldest engines in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. He is reliable, helpful, kind, friendly, and very wise, and proves to bigger engines of how really useful he is. Whenever there's trouble, it's Edward that Sir Topham Hatt turns to to restore order. Like James, Edward is a mixed-traffic engine, meaning he can pull coaches or cars respectively. He often works as a back engine, helping push heavy trains up Gordon's Hill. Edward also has his own Branch line which he runs with help from BoCo, and sometimes Donald & Douglas.

Edward is based on the Larger Seagull K2 (21 class) 4-4-0 from the Furness Railway. He is the protagonist, later supporting deuteragonist in The Adventure Begins.


Oh dear, but i must said you don't seem very reliable- always getting stuck on your own hill~
~ Edward Teasing Gordon in "Old reliable Edward"

Beside being wise and kindhearted, Edward also can be sarcastic.

Edward overall is kindhearted, helpful,clever, friendly and very wise engine. Beside he is one of the oldest engine, He admit that he never broken down in his ages and proved very reliable. He is a hard worker too, and always does his best to finish a job. If ever an engine misbehaves or acts out, it's Edward that the Fat Controller turns to in order to soothe things out. In the Adventure Begins, he is a mentor to Thomas when he first time arrived in Sodor.

However, his persona slightly change from seventh season until fifteenth season almost close to make him out of from his true character. He can be acted cheeky like Thomas, a lack of confidence in himself in that he keeps secrets from the other engines and Sir Topham Hatt, when he was once leaking steam and likewise when he was told to pull the post train whilst Percy was being repaired. Sometime he can acted similar with James.

His original persona returned in seventeenth season. In eighteenth season, especially in episode "Old Reliable Edward", Edward shown can be sarcastic and have a limitation to be patient toward Gordon who never said "Thank You" to him after help Gordon to give a push in Gordon's hill. After Gordon being tricked by Thomas, Edward sarcastically tease Gordon that he not really reliable due always stuck in his own hill due he always tease Edward "Very old and unreliable" (even in the end he decide to help him and Gordon finally thanks to him)


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