Edmond human

Edmond is the secondary protagonist of Rock-a-Doodle. He is the youngest son of a farmer who stays in the house while his older brothers, Scott and Mark, are helping their father and mother out in a serious storm. He breaks the Duke's eye glass and he never consider for other people. Meanwhile, the Grand Duke turns him into a kitten as punishment and to be able to eat him up, but Patou bites him on the leg. While the owl and dog are fighting, Edmond uses the flashlight to get him away. He reveals to be a coward. Throughout his adventure, Edmond begins to learn the errors of his ways. It isn't until he begins to try helping Patou tie his shoes that he realizes that he was turned into a kitten. Of course, Edmond does not sing in the film or the end credits, but he does take part in singing on the soundtrack version of the credits song "Tyin' Your Shoes".


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