Ed Stevens was a successful contract lawyer in New York City. He worked at a huge corporate law firm called Farmer and Sheean. He got fired when he missed one comma in a contract that cost the firm 1.6 million dollars. His wife Liz cheated on him with the mailman when he came home. When he looked at his old yearbook photo Stuckeyville High School and remember his high school crush Carol Vessey. He never met her and decided to visit his old town Stuckeyville, all his friends are here Molly Hudson who is a teacher in Stuckeyville High, his best friend Mike Burton who is a doctor, his wife Nancy who was a homemaker and has a daughter Sarah. Ed ran into his old crush Carol, who is an English teacher at Stuckeyville High School. They never met and become friends. Carol was dating Nick Stanton who was a novelist and used to Ed, Carol, Mike, Nancy and Molly English teacher. Nick was brooding and a bad boy type and treated Carol badly. Ed used to work in Stuckeybowl and the bowling alley was closing. So Ed bought the alley. He meets three new employees, Phil Stubbs, Shirley Pifko and Kenny Sandusky. Ed appointed Phil as the new manager of Stuckeybowl and he found a way to drump up business. Since the bowling alley went downhill for a while. He had an idea, bowl a game for free legal advice. Ed was reluctant at first, but he decided to go with it first. Molly was his first client when she was duped by an autoshop who stiffed her from her car repairs. Ed defended her and won. Ed started his law practice in the bowling alley and people call him the bowling alley lawyer. Ed won a few cases and lose some. Ed was the top defense attorney in Ohio and became famous bowling alley lawyer. He also made friends with Warren Cheswick who was a like a younger version of Ed. For the last three years, while hanging out with his friends and defending a lot of people in town at his bowling alley. He was also trying to win Carol's heart. But he end up losing and she started to date a new guy named Dennis who is the new principal of the school. He was just like Nick, a brooding jerk who treats her badly. Dennis knew Carol is still in love with Ed, so he left and took a teaching job in Minnesota. Ed finally won her in the fourth season and they got married in the end of the finale.