EVE, better known as Eva, is the deuteragonist of WALL-E. Her name stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. She is WALL-E's girlfriend.

She is voiced by Elissa Knight.


EVE is a robot that is kind. However, she can be shy sometimes.

When EVE is first seen in the movie, she is hostile and dedicated to her task. However, after meeting WALL-E, she began to warm up to him and befriend him.


Meeting WALL-E

WALL-E first meets EVE on the junkyard when he was ordered to rid all of the trash. EVE is WALL-E's love interest. EVE is equipped with a blaster for shooting. She feels ticklish when Hal goes on her body. When EVE stores the plant inside herself, she goes into standby mode, which WALL-E mistakes for her being shut off permanently. WALL-E was unable to find a solution to turn her back on. A green plant symbol is shown on her chest.

In the Axiom

Inside the Axiom, EVE is still in standby mode until she is ported to the captain's deck. GO-4 stole the plant from her body and is very angry with WALL-E. When WALL-E is causing a mess, the captain sends him to be cleaned. WALL-E turns off the machine and all the ship's cells were disabled. EVE yells at WALL-E for his antic. Later, she and WALL-E are shown on the Axiom's warning ads. This ad notices that they are rogue robots. When trying to get the plant, WALL-E and EVE go after GO-4, but they are accidentally locked up in a garbage yard. WALL-E and EVE almost drifted into space, but the two robots fell in love in the sky. WALL-E used a fire extinguisher to go back to the Axiom.

Retrieving the Stolen Plant

WALL-E and EVE retrieve the stolen plant after the captain knocks GO-4 off the base for the captain. She, WALL-E, and all the other imprisoned robots defeat the SECUR-T workers to get to the captain. After that, the captain returns to Earth. WALL-E has his left eye injured, so EVE brings in a new replacement. She and WALL-E are with the other robots (including BURN-E from the Pixar Short) restoring Earth.

Video games


In her first appearance, EVE is a playable character in air levels. She can shoot blasters at destructible objects.


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