Elie is one very lively, bubbly, optimistic girl whose usual outfit is a tight fitting midriff top and a mini skirt. She has a hot temper, as shown when she destroyed a casino for a bet loss. She first met Haru Glory at the casino when she was about to win roulette but Plue jogged the table and moved the ball. She ends up joining them after Haru saves her. In the manga, Elie first meets Haru at the dog races, where Plue has been dognapped and entered in the race. Haru tries to save him, but is overwhelmed by Georco's DB and is forced to run from Demon Card and Elie hides him. Elie inadvertently saves Haru by shooting the whole race track down trying to make Plue, whom she bet all her money on, win. As in the anime, when she revealed to Haru that she was actually looking for her memories and is in search of someone who can tell her what her name is, when her birthday is, or who her parents are, Haru promised her that they will find it together. Elie has an undying love for casinos and always drags the group to the casino when there is one. Later in the manga, Elie starts to develop romantic feelings for Haru, just as Haru does for her. Elie also closely resembles Resha Valentine, the creator of the Rave. Her full name is Resha "Elie" Valentine, but after her marriage to Haru, becomes "Elie Glory".

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