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Alan "Dutch" Schaefer is the main protagonist in the 1987 sci-fi action horror film Predator. He is a U.S. Army Special Forces Major who is the leader of a rescue team tasked to save hostages in a Central American country, but is in conflict with an extra-terrestrial hunter that kills for sport. He is portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known for playing the terminator in the Terminator series.

Mission in Guatemala

In 1987, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and his army special forces team is taken to Guatemala to rescue a Guatemalan cabinet minister and his aides from a group of guerrillas. Meanwhile, Al Dillon, Dutch's former military friend now CIA agent, comes along with Dutch's team and takes command of the mission.

As they are deployed in the jungle, the team finds a downed helicopter the cabinet administer was riding in. Later, Billy, the team's tracker, finds skinned bodies belonging to four green berets, one of the bodies belonging to Jim Hopper, another one of Dutch's old military friends. Their presence begins to puzzle Dutch. They soon find the guerrilla base and discover that the cabinet administer and his aides are executed. After obliterating the base, Mac, one of the team members, tells Dutch that the cabinet minister was actually a CIA agent.

Realizing that the rescue mission was a set up, Dutch angrily confronts Dillon. Dillon admits that the mission was just to destroy the base and kill everyone. He also reveals that Jim Hopper was ordered to go rescue the agents but went missing in the mission, which then turned out that he was actually skinned alive. At this point, Dutch begins to hold a grudge against Dillon. Before the team pulls out, Dillon takes along a female guerrilla named Anna, in order to get information out of her. As soon as the team leaves the base, a mysterious creature using a cloaking device and heat seeking vision begins to stalk the team.

As the team begins to take a break, Anna escapes and Dutch orders Hawkins, the team's radio and technical expert, to get her back. As soon as he stops her, the mysterious figure brutally kills Hawkins, spares Anna, and drags his body away. The team begins to think that there are more guerrillas in the area and Dutch orders everyone to lead an all out search for Hawkins' body. In the middle of the search Blain, the team's minigun handler, is killed by the mysterious figure by its plasma cannon.

Mac then goes over and manages to see the mysterious creature cloaked and manages to wound it. Poncho, the teams ordinance and translator, asks Anna what happened, in which she says in Spanish, "the jungle came alive and took him." At this point, Billy believes that there is an inhuman being out in the jungle and that no one will survive. Later that night, the team begin to set up traps around their area. Mac, who is tasked if keeping guard, suspects something and is attacked. Mac attack what seems to be the mysterious creature, but is only a wild pig. After everyone laughs at him, Billy goes over to Blain's body bag only to find that the creature took his body.