Dunbar is a diesel shunting engine who works at Chuggington. He is incharge of the Trainees.


Dunbar, a shunting diesel engine who speaks with a Scottish accent. He tries to ensure that chuggers are hooked up with the right rolling stock. He has a strong work ethic and takes great pride in the role he plays in shaping the young trainees to be successful, hard working engines. He acts as a mentor/teacher to them. Often he will take them to the training or loading yard for a practice session. Dunbar wants to be sure that the young chuggers know how to control new rolling stock before they venture off for the day. When the trainees get frustrated and want to give up, Dunbar encourages them to keep on trying. He is full of helpful tips and advice.


Dunbar is based on a Union Pacific EMD GP38-2 diesel engine.


  • Dunbar often assists Vee.
  • Calley was his assistant from Season 1 - 3 until she joined Jackman in Chug Patrol
  • In German he is called "Daniel". In Hebrew is called יוסף
  • He went on Holiday around the world part way through Season 3. He returned before Season 4 started. During this time, Skylar took control of the trainees.

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