Image of Nefario
Background information
Origin Despicable Me
Hero information
Full name Nefario
Alias Doctor Nefario
Occupation Gru's Mad Scientist and Gadgeteer (later, El Macho's, temporarily)
Powers / Skills Very intelligent (if not a little hard of hearing), great inventor
Hobbies Plotting evil scheme, kidnapping Minions (formerly)
Goals Steal the Moon (succeeded) Kidnap Gru's Minions for El Macho do he can mutate them and take over the world (formerly) Stop El Macho with the help of his friends (succeeded)
Friends / Allies Felonius Gru, Margo Gru, Edith Gru, Agnes Gru, Lucy Wilde, El Macho (formerly), Minions
Enemies Vector, El Macho, Evil Minions
Type of Hero Gadgeteer, Heroic Criminal, Redeemed Mad Scientist

We have to warn Gru! And FAST! (proceeds to ride his motorbike very slowly)
~ Dr. Nefario

Dr. Nefario is the tritagonist of Despicable Me, the false tertiary antagonist of  Despicable Me 2 and a minor character in Despicable Me 3. He is smart, intelligent, funny, selfless, loving, brave, tough, short-tempered, loud, arrogant, stingy, abusive, selfish, impatient, cold, cruel and greedy.

He is an elderly, hearing-impaired scientist, gadget man and good friend of Gru. Being hearing-impaired causes him to mistake Gru's order for cookie robots and a dart gun for "boogie robots" and a "fart gun", respectively. He did briefly leave Gru to work for El Macho before redeeming himself and returning to work for Gru.

Dr. Nefario also appears in the 2015 Despicable Me prequel Minions as a young man taking part in the 1968 Villain Con where he shows off his invention The Freeze Ray whilst being watched on by a then 8-year-old Gru.



  • He is voiced by Russell Brand who also voices E.B.

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