Helen Fielding


Helen Fielding, simply known as Dr. Fielding, is the heroine of the Awfully Beastly Business book series.

An Awfully Beastly Business

Dr. Fielding spends the whole series raising Ulf as her son since he was orphaned as a cub. She is the veterinarian of the RSPCB, taking care of beasts of all kinds, from injured sea monsters to homeless trolls (mostly she peforms operations to figure out what caused illnesses or injuries). Dr. Fielding cares very deeply for Ulf and his friends and although she worries for his safety, she's still willing to lend a helping hand. She usually gets kidnapped by Baron Marackai and Ulf saves her life, but Dr. Fielding also stands up against bad guys who try to take Farraway Hall.


  • Dr. Fielding's qualities are reminiscent of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar because she stands up for endangered wildlife.
  • Like Beth in Open Season, Dr. Fielding raised the hero since he was a cub.

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