Dougal is a yellow Pekingese and the main classic hero of The Magic Roundabout. He is a dog that loves to eat sugar. His best friend is Florence, a young girl, who he loves dearly. He even has a picture of her next to his bed and likes to pick flowers for her. He especially loves her to stroke his fur. He is a very sarcastic dog and complains a lot about life and his friends, but he still loves them in his strangle little way. Dougal can also be a jealous dog, which became very obvious when Buxton, the Blue Cat, appeared. He instantly became suspicious of the Blue Cat, which everyone put down to jealousy. But Dougal's initial thoughts were true...that cat was trouble, which was realised when Buxton took over the surrounding area and imprisoned all of Dougal’s friends. Now, Dougal isn’t the bravest dog in the world, but when his friends are threatened his brave streak shines through. He infiltrated the Blue Cat’s lair by dying himself blue and calling himself Blue Peter. He even had to prove he wasn’t Dougal by being imprisoned in the torture chamber, a room full of sugar. Dougal resisted the temptation of eating the sugar and became Buxton’s closest friend and was given the position of Prime Minister. From this power of authority Dougal rescued his friends and defeated Buxton.


2005 Film

Dougal is the main character starring in the 2005 British-French film Doogal (The Magic Roundabout in UK). Here, he and his friends team up to stop Zeebad from creating another ice age and restore Florence who is frozen by Zeebad. He and the gang pass through a dangerous volcano and a dangerous jungle filled with booby traps to get to Zeebad. He and the gang are able to defeat Zeebad and restore Florence, bringing back peace to the village and including the carousel.

He is set to appear in the prequel of the CGI film.

Voice actors

  • Henri Salvador (Original French)
  • Robbie Williams (2006 UK version)
  • Daniel Tay (2006 North American dubbing)

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