Pirika pirilala poporina peperuto!
~ Doremi Harukaze
Doremi Harukaze

Full Name

Doremi Harukaze


No information


Ojamajo Doremi (1999)


Student / Apprentice of witch




Assist in the Maho-Do

Favorite Food



No information


Get Boyfriend

Type of Hero

Good Witch / fight for success / Good Heart

Doremi "Dorie" Harukaze, is the cute and beautiful main protagonist and one of the seven witch apprentices of the series. She claims to be the world's unluckiest girl and despite her cuteness and beauty is a clumsy, noisy, poor student of Misora Elementary. She strongly believes in witches and dreams of becoming a real witch under the guidance of Majo Rika.


Doremi has long, red hair styled into two 'dumplings' and round, pink eyes. She usually wears pink outfits. Her first outfit consisted of a pink shirt, a purple sleeveless shirt over it, gray shorts with a belt, magenta and white shoes and long pink socks. When she enters 5th grade, she replaces her purple sleeveless shirt with a purple vest.

Doremi wears a pink bikini for swimming. It has white ruffles on the sleeves and two yellow music notes, 1 on each piece. Pink and white decorate the bikini, and over her bikini bottom is a short pink skirt with a ruffled hem.


Doremi reflects a typical magical girl: lively to the point of being noisy, a poor student, clumsy and careless though very compassionate, and has shown to be boy-crazy in earlier seasons. Her favorite food is steak (which she is unable to obtain throughout the entire series). She proclaims herself to be "the unluckiest girl in the whole world." Later in her life, she makes everything around her somewhat better. Her name is a play on the first 3 notes of the musical scale: Do, Re, and Mi. She lives in Misora City and attends Misora First Elementary School during the series. She also used to hate the piano, but started to take lessons again and is always fighting with her classmate, Tetsuya Kotake. She is Hana's most favorite "mama".