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Background information
Origin Donkey Kong
Hero information
Full name Donkey Kong III
Alias King of the Jungle
Occupation Defender of Donkey Kong Island
Powers / Skills Superhuman strength and agility, unlimited supply of barrels, enhanced hand-to-hand combat, sound wave attacks, Coconut Shooters, and apparently resistant to mind control.
Hobbies Eating bananas, swinging and racing.
Goals To protect the Banana Hoard and Donkey Kong Island from King K. Rool and other villains.
To keep Pauline and defeat Mario and his Minis for solding out the mini toys ( in the Mario vs Donkey Kong Series).

To save Skylands from Kaos (Skylanders series)

Family Cranky Kong (grandfather), Wrinkly Kong (grandmother, deceased), Donkey Kong Jr. (father), Funky Kong (brother, presumably), Diddy Kong (nephew), Candy Kong (girlfriend), Kong Family
Friends / Allies Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Wario (sometimes), Waluigi (sometimes), Toadsworth, Rosalina, Luna, Pauline (love interest), Donkey Kong Jr., Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Wrinkly Kong, Candy Kong (girlfriend), Kiddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Chunky Kong, Tiny Kong, Funky Kong, Swanky Kong, Bluster Kong, Eddie the Mean Old Yeti, Leo Luster, Klubba, Snide, Squawks, Rambi, Squitter, Enguarde, Expresso, Winky, Quawks, Ellie, Klump and Krusha (sometimes; in the TV Series), Junior the Giant Claptrap (formerly), K. Lumpy, Troff and Scoff, Inka Dinka Doo, the Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot, the Mabu, Master Eon
Enemies King K. Rool (arch-enemy), Klump and Krusha, Kritters and Klaptraps, Polly Roger, Captain Scurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass, Junior the Giant Claptrap, Kuff 'n' Klout, Kalimba, Tiki Tong, Lord Fredrik, Kudgel, Klubba (formerly), Eddie the Mean Old Yeti (formerly), Candy Clone (formerly), Leo Luster (formerly), Kong Fu (rival), Bowser, Bowser Jr., Kamek, Koopalings, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Wario, Waluigi, Mario (when he sold out the mini toys for him), Kaos, The Darkness
Type of Hero Primate, Big Good

Hooo hi!
~ Donkey Kong

Banana slamma!!!!
~ Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong (full name Donkey Kong III or Donkey Kong the Third) is the main protagonist of the franchise of the same name, and a recurring character in the Mario franchise. The original Donkey Kong was once a rogue in the Nintendo universe and regularly antagonized Mario (who, in turn antagonized him back in one game ) - however he was revealed to be Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong Country series. The current Donkey Kong is the protagonist of his own series, first appearing in Donkey Kong Country. He often stops the villain King K. Rool from stealing his banana hoard.

He sometimes appears in the Mario series, playable in spin-off games, such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.. DK also became an ally to Mario in the Mario Party series. Other than spin-off games, Donkey Kong appears as a baby in Yoshi Island DS, and as a primary antagonist in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series.


The current design of Donkey Kong analyzes him as a big brown gorilla with huge muscles wearing a red tie with two yellow letters D and K, standing for his name.


Donkey Kong is a loose cannon who lives as he pleases and is driven by his own impulses and agenda. A flawed hero, DK is fearless, but greedy, helpful, but vengeful, strong, but lazy. He is also materialistic, jealously clinging to his banana hoard, and will personally hunt down whoever robbed him, and beat them to a pulp and the animated series portrayed him as a big eater who was very unintelligent and somewhat big-headed. Despite his flaws, he is still a noble, compassionate hero, who would always look out for diddy, and adored cranky Kong, even allowing cranky to make fun of him at his own expense. DK also loves animals, and they love him. He rescues others in need, and offers support to anyone who needed it. He also appears to love nature and hate industrialism, as the kremlins activities angered him before he realized his bananas where missing, and in donkey Kong country returns, he liberated all the hypnotized animals along the way. He also has a human fetish, similarly to king Kong. 

Appearances In Other Media

  • Donkey Kong, alongside other Nintendo characters, is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • A monster truck based on the character appeared at Monster Jam 2007.


Donkey Kong is the protector of Donkey Kong Island, defending it from the likes of King K. Rool, the Tiki Tiki Tribe, and other villains as well. He is the leader of his own crew - known affectionately as the Kongs.


First Mission


Back in Action

Saving the Festival

Interdimensional Chase

Tribe's Threat

Recovering his home

Powers and abilities

Donkey Kong is capable of punching very hard, that he can even knock the moon out of orbit using his bare fists, as seen in the ending of ''Donkey Kong Country Returns''. In the intro of the game, it reveals he is apparently immune to mental assault as one of the Tikis attempted to hypnotize him, but failed to do so.


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