Hero Overview

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
~ Donald's main catchphrase
Aw, phooey!
~ Donald's catchphrase
What's the big idea?
~ Donald's famous quote
Oh yeah?
~ Donald

Donald Fauntleroy Duck (simply known as Donald Duck) is the deuteragonist of The Walt Disney Company.


Donald is an antrophomorphic duck with white feathers. His eyes are oval and blue in color. He has small arms with four-fingered hands. He has a big orange beak. He has a small tail on his back and he has orange bird feet with three toes on each. Donald usually wears a blue hat and a blue jacket with a red bow in it. But in his first appearances his hat is white.


Donald Duck is very greedy, short-tempered, jealous, arrogant, self-centered and selfish, especially when he appears with Mickey Mouse. His only love is money and Donald is able to sell his own family in an auction to gain fame and fortune. Donald keep trying to deceive others to get money (especially Goofy). Donald also hates Mickey and never help him with his problems, instead Mickey who always help Donald with his problems (because Mickey, unlike Donald, don't hates him, he just like to play tricks on him when Donald tries to make something bad to Mickey). Donald always conspires against others to stay with the money just for him. Donald's greed is similiar to his uncle Scrooge McDuck, but Scrooge knows that the most important is the family, not the money, while Donald is able to sent his own family.


  • In the Disney Studios, Donald is often referred to as The Duck. *Walt Disney himself referred to Donald Duck as "the problem child" of Disney. *Appearing in over 150 theatrically released films and shorts, Donald has the record for most theatrical appearances for a Disney character.