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Donald Duck (3)
Background information
Origin The Wise Little Hen
Hero information
Full name Donald Fauntleroy Duck
Alias Donald Duck

Duck Avenger
Maui Mallard
Nephew (referred to by his uncle Scrooge)
Donny (referred to by Gladstone Gander and other relatives)
Dooald (referred to by Mortimer and by various characters in Mickey Mouse Works)
Master/Nephew Fred (in Mickey's Christmas Carol)
Uncle (or Unca) Donald (referred to by his nephews)
Quackers (referred to by Pete)
Brother (referred to by Dumbella)
Uncle D (referred to by Huey, Dewey and Louie in Quack Pack)
Daddy (referred to by his son and Mrs. Duck in How to Have an Accident at Work)

Occupation Sailor

Club manager and doorman (in House of Mouse)
Ajax employee
Naval officer
Sea captain
Royal court magician (in Kingdom Hearts)

Powers / Skills Magic

Genius-level intelligence
Various weapons

Hobbies Looking after his nephews

Saving the day
Going on adventures with Mickey and Goofy
Being with Daisy

Goals Be the star and support Mickey and still be his best friend

Defeat Pete and other villains

Family Huey, Dewey and Louie (nephews)

Scrooge McDuck (uncle)
Ludwig Von Drake (uncle)
Gideon McDuck (uncle)
Rumpus McFowl (uncle)
Gus Goose (cousin)
Gladstone Gander (cousin)
Fethry Duck (cousin)
Moby Duck (cousin)
Dumbella Duck (sister)
Grandma Duck (grandmother)
Grandpa Duck (grandfather or great-grandfather)
Quackmore Duck (father)
Hortense McDuck (mother)
Unnamed son

Friends / Allies Daisy Duck

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Chip 'N Dale
José Carioca
Panchito Pistoles
Clarabelle Cow
Horace Horsecollar
Max Goof
Clara Cluck
Huey, Dewey and Louie
Scrooge McDuck
Gus Goose
Fethry Duck
Grandma Duck
Peggy Duck
Gustav Goose
Admiral Grimmitz
Yen Sid
Willie the Giant
Gyro Gearloose
Ludwig Von Drake
Launchpad McQuack
Peter Pig
various other characters and real people

Enemies Chip 'N Dale (sometimes)

Buzz-Buzz the Bee
Spike the Bee
Aracuan Bird
Humphrey the Bear
Baby Shelby
Gladstone Gander
Beagle Boys
Magica De Spell
Witch Hazel
Flintheart Glomgold
Kent Powers
Grandpa Beagle
Mister Molay
The Claw
Neighbor Jones
Argus McSwine
Willie the Giant (formerly)
Eli Squinch
Mortimer Mouse
The Phantom Blot
Mojo Witch Doctor
Merlock the Magician
Cinnamon Teal
Emil Eagle
Master Xehanort
Organization XIII
Axel (formerly)
Disney Villains

Type of Hero Animal Hero

Wrathful Hero
Good-Hearted Bastard

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
~ Donald's main catchphrase

Aw, phooey!
~ Donald's catchphrase

What's the big idea?
~ Donald's famous quote

Oh yeah?
~ Donald

Donald Fauntleroy Duck (simply known as Donald Duck) is a major character in the Walt Disney Company. He is a very bad-tempered sailor duck and, despite his temper, is best friends with Mickey Mouse and Goofy. He also starred as one of the main heroes of the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. Donald Duck and Goofy would serve as friends and allies to the main hero of Kingdom Hearts, Sora, and help him to defeat the Heartless as well as a number of Disney villains and the evil Organization XIII. Donald's birthday is on June 9.


Saludos Amigos

Of the four segments, Donald stars in two of them. He first appears in the first segment, Lake Titicaca, as an American tourist who visits Lake Titicaca and gets to meet some of the locals, including a llama. He appears in the final segment, Aquarela do Brasil, and he is shown South America by the parrot Jose Carioca and introduced to the samba.

The Three Caballeros

It is Donald's birthday, and he is receiving presents from his friends in Latin America. The first present he receives is a document on birds, and among the birds Donald learns of are the Aracuan Bird. Donald is next given a book by Jose, which tells of Bahia, one of the many states of Brazil. Jose shrinks himself and Donald down so they can enter the book. In the adventure, Donald and Jose meet with the locals and dance to the samba, and Donald pines one woman. After the dance, Donald and Jose leave the book.

Donald is too small to open the third present, so Jose teaches him to use magic to return to normal size. He meets Panchito Pastoles, who reveals the secret of the pinata, and blindfolds Donald to try and break it. They celebrate and the trio take the name The Three Caballeros. The celebration ends when Donald ends up fired away by firecrackers.

Fun and Fancy Free

In the second segment of the film, titled Mickey and the Beanstalk, Donald is a peasant that lives with Mickey and Goofy in Happy Valley. After the harp that kept the land fertile and prosperous is stolen by Willie the Giant, Happy Valley suffered from a drought and severe shortage of food. All of them extremely hungry and starving, they have to share one loaf of bread, which they cut as thin as paper so all of them will be able to eat some. Unsurprisingly, Donald can't cope with the drought as well as Mickey and Goofy and flies into a rage and starts consuming anything in sight, including dishes and utensils. After Mickey and Goofy calm him down, he next spots the cow and takes an axe to kill it and eat it. Before he can do so, Mickey and Goofy restrain him.

Fun and Fancy free Donald going mad

Donald in Fun and Fancy Free

Mickey decides to sell the cow for food. Donald and Goofy are at first pleased, imagining the great food they will have when Mickey returns. Instead, Mickey comes back with tiny magic beans, which he states will bring good fortune if planted under the full moon. Donald has a breakdown again, not believing that Mickey sold their cow for tiny beans that would barely fill one of them and snatches the beans from Mickey and throws them away and they fall through a hole. The beans are in fact magical and a beanstalk grows when the full moon is out and the trio are lifted into the sky as they are asleep. They wake up in a land above the clouds and they proceed to enter a castle filled with food that they feed on. They then discover the magical harp, who explains that the reason Willie took her was because he liked the music she made.

Willie the Giant himself comes back to the castle to demonstrate his magical abilities while eating the food. Mickey tries to trick the dimwitted Willie into turning into a fly to hit him with the fly swatter and calls Donald and Goofy to come and help him left it. Willie turns into a bunny instead and realizes their intentions, and locks the trio in the chest holding the harp, but Mickey climbs out before he can lock all three of them inside. After Willie falls asleep, Mickey is able to steal the key inside his pocket and frees his friends before taking the harp to bring back to Happy Valley. As Mickey tries to tie Willie's shoestrings together, the giant awakens and chases after the trio to get the harp back. They limb down the beanstalk and Willie follows, so the trio chop off the beanstalk and Willie falls to his apparent death. With the harp back, Happy Valley is restored to its former glory.

Melody Time

Donald and Jose are both in a bad mood and are moping at the cafe. The Aracuan Bird meets up with them and introduces them to the samba, and this cheers them up.

Fantasia 2000

He stars in the most famous and popular Bible story Noah's Ark, who plays the role as the assistant of Noah and the husband of Daisy, and Noah left him in charge of the the Ark and the animals. When Donald is rounding the animals inside the Ark, he was checking off two pairs of animals, a male and a female as they arrived and by the time Donald and Daisy entered the Ark safely, during the checking, when Donald realizes that Daisy was missing he went outside the Ark and rushed to his house, but a colossal wave was about to crash in, he rushes back to the Ark, when both him and Daisy saw what happened, they thought both each other were left behind and died. 40 days later, he sent a male dove to search for dry land and threw him far away, then a female dove starts crying, which that made Donald thinking about Daisy, thinking how much he misses her and Daisy felt the same thing, when the dove returned with an olive branch. Donald led all the animals out of the ark, then Noah rubbed Donald's head in a reward for doing a great job with the animals and the Ark, but in the end of the segment Donald and Daisy finally found each other and united in process.



Tumblr lv3de4gY8W1r3jmn6o1 500

Donald in the early cartoons

Donald Duck's first appearance was in June, 1934, in the Silly Symphonies cartoon The Wise Little Hen as a rather lazy and selfish duck who, along with the pig, were too lazy to help the wise little hen prepare food and pretended to be sick. The hen caught on to this and ate the food by herself with her children while Donald and the pig watched on. Donald later appeared in a Mickey Mouse cartoon The Orphan's Benefit, where he tries to entertain the orphans by reciting the poems Mary Had A Little Lamb and Little Boy Blues, but he loses his temper and flies into a rage when the orphans eat his pie.

Donald proved a very popular character amongst the audiences, so he continued to appear in Disney cartoons along with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. Donald became famous due to his stubborn personality. In one cartoon, The William Tell Overture, he disrupts Mickey's orchestra by playing a different song.


Donald's new appearance

In 1936, Donald was redesigned. Original thin with a long beak, he was then designed as rounder, plumper, and had a shorter beak. In 1937, he began starring in his own cartoons, the first being Don Donald, which introduced his love interest Daisy Duck, who was here named Donna Duck. Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, were introduced in the 1938 cartoon appropriately titled Donald's Nephews.


In DuckTales, Donald is joining the Navy and has left his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie with his uncle Scrooge McDuck. Donald would appear occasionally throughout the series.


Donald is an antrophomorphic duck with white feathers. His eyes are oval and blue in color. He has small arms with four-fingered hands. He has a big orange beak. He has a small tail on his back and he has orange bird feet with three toes on each.

Donald usually wears a blue hat and a blue jacket with a red bow in it. But in his first appearances his hat is white.


220px-Donald Duck - temper

Donald in a bad mood as usual

One of Donald Duck's most famous personalities is how temperamental he is, which has caused problems in his relationships with Daisy and Mickey, who are understandably annoyed by this. Donald has also shown a jealousy of Mickey being more popular than he is and seeks to replace him as the most famous (similar to the rivalry between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck). His anger issues and envy has sometimes makes him a sort of anti-hero and almost a villain sometimes. Another of Donald's flaws is his greed, occasionally scheming to get rich. He got his greed from his uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Donald is well known for his aggressive and violent behavior. This has caused problems for Donald but has also helped him out at times. When faced with an enemy, Donald will occasionally lash out in a violent burst of rage and surprising strength, and he has been able to fight off threats, even predators and the forces of nature.



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