Human I once called you more then that didn't I. Even with all the fear I add about you I found the strength to cast it aside to embrace to support to call you my friend but now NOW what is this feeling. Nyeh heheheh I know what is feeling is it's hatred for the person who came so far just to destroy an old friend This eye of mine it only activates when such terrible feelings exist and with it and with it I can see everything you've hidden from me everything you have done and everything you intend to do sans once told my the moment he stopped caring would be the moment everything started to fall apart at first I thought he was talking about our relationship so I did everything I could to make sure he had a reason to care about me Now I understand what he meant and it is to late to tell him I'm sorry for not understanding sooner. it's funny isn't it the more you want to hurt someone the easier it is to make them stop living but no matter how much you love someone you can't bring them back from the dead sans is gone because he stopped caring but I refuse to do the same I care about so many things I care about myself. I care about this world. I care about everything you took from me. but the only thing the one thing I no longer care about is you I am not going to give you a bad time Someone like you who has taken so much does not deserve to be given anything instead someone like you deserves an equal someone who want's to protect with every ounce of determination you use to destroy. so human you are not going to have a bad time instead I am going to have a lots FUN!!!!!!!!

Disbelief Papyrus's first line for most of the time you fight him.


Disbelief papyrus's eye glow's orange instead of the usual blue and yellow from sans. he also seems to carry a bone that is as long as he is tall. he is also wearing's san's jacket, his posture is also different from his usual pose in his most common battle sprite he is also crying.


In an alternate universe where when Chara/Frisk tries to kill papyrus san's will teleport in the way and make it so he is the brother you fight in the judgement hall. His reason to be there differs in every story from him truly trying to the kill the Chara/Frisk to him believing in them moments before death.


None right now


Some may think Disbelief papyrus's weird bone thing is part of his body well others think it is a sword.

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