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Dinobot is a fictional character from the Beast Wars Transformers universe.


Beast Wars Dinobot originally debuts in the series' premiere as a subordinate of Megatron, leader of the villainous Predacons. However, Dinobot challenges Megatron's leadership, and is shortly expelled from his crew. He eventually joins the ranks of Optimus Primal and the Maximals. Although he greatly enjoyed combat, he was driven by his code of honor, inspired by the samurai bushido code, and would often make quotes from the works of William Shakespeare. He fights alongside with the Maximals before ultimately sacrificing himself to save a group of primates from a Predacon onslaught. In the following season, Megatron reanimates Dinobot with transmetal technology, and recruits him to rejoin the Predacons. Outside of the television series, Dinobot's likeness was used to create several toys.


Ravage was named the 3rd best upgrade in Beast Wars history Topless Robot.[ [edit] Animated series[edit] Season oneIn season one, Dinobot originally arrives on prehistoric Earth with Megatron and the rest of the Predacons aboard the Darksyde.[2] When the Predacons scan the planet for local beings, in order to create beast modes for themselves, Dinobot receives the form of a velociraptor. After their arrival, Dinobot believes that Megatron has led the Predacons to the wrong planet and attempts to usurp him in a duel.[2] However, Scorponok, one of Megatron’s loyal crew members, blasts Dinobot away.[2] Determined to find the abundant amounts of energon, he confronts the Maximals outside their base, and challenges Optimus Primal’s leadership in a duel.[3] The engagement is interrupted by a surprise attack from the Predacons. Optimus saves Dinobot's life during the attack, prompting the two to come to terms.[3][4] From then on, Dinobot serves alongside the Maximals during the Beast Wars, and proves to be a valuable ally in both strength and cunning, as well as in his knowledge of his former Predacon comrades, which helps him anticipate what each one of them would do. However, Dinobot frequently clashes with Optimus over the Maximals' morals, and has a rocky relationship with Rattrap, who normally refers to him as "Chopperface," to which Dinobot replies by calling him "Vermin." [edit] Season twoIn season two, Dinobot is one of the few Transformers who does not become a Transmetal, but he still remains a strong asset to the Maximals. Following the destruction of an artificial moon that hovered around Earth, Dinobot begins to realize that Megatron had in fact landed on the correct planet.[5] He infiltrates the Predacon base, and steals two golden discs which contain information pertaining to the planet’s vast supply of Energon, as well as the location of The Ark.[5] The disks also trouble Dinobot, as he believes they can predict the future.[6] Dinobot eventually contemplates rejoining the Predacons after realizing that Megatron was going to triumph over the Maximals.[6] He returns one of the disks to Megatron, but defies an order to destroy Rattrap.[6] Consumed with guilt, Dinobot returns to the Maximals. He eventually discovers that the future written on the discs can be altered after witnessing Megatron destroy a mountain, and watching the writings on the disc change.[7] After Megatron also realizes this, he orders the Predacons to eradicate all the primitive ancestors of humankind, on the planet, believing the attack would deny the Autobots an important ally in their future battle against the Decepticons.[7] Alarmed by this, Dinobot single-handedly defeats all of the Predacons. He then proceeds to subdue Megatron himself with a make-shift club and retrieves the golden disc that he had previously given back.[7] However, Dinobot sustains mortal wounds during the conflict, and destroys the disc with the last of his energy.[7] His fellow Maximals arrive shortly after and stand by his side as he passes away. His final words are, "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good and let me be judged accordingly. The rest is silence." As his Spark leaves his body, Optimus gives a proper eulogy; "He lived a warrior and died a hero. Let his Spark join the Matrix with the greatest of Cybertron." Out of respect for their fallen comrade, the Maximals give Dinobot a proper funeral, performing the missing man flyover, in which his body is placed in a suspended animation pyre that disintegrates him.[7] The primates that Dinobot saved find the make-shift weaponry he brandished to make his last stand, and use it to break open coconuts for food and defend themselves against predatory snakes in their environment.[7][8] [edit] Season three The cloned DinobotIn season three, Megatron manages to clone Dinobot using the Transmetal Driver and half of Rampage’s spark.[9] In his new form, Dinobot is portrayed as Megatron’s mindless slave. During Megatron's mission to revive the Decepticons' legendary battleship, the Nemesis, Rampage is destroyed in battle against Depth Charge, and his death seemingly causes the personality of the original to surface.[10] At first he is confused as to who he is, but he slowly regains his memories. As Megatron attempts to destroy the Maximals with the Nemesis, Dinobot assists his former comrades by revealing the location of a shuttle within The Ark.[8] Later, when Megatron orders Dinobot to fire on The Ark, Dinobot refuses and instead attacks Megatron.[8] The Maximals use the shuttle to breach the Nemesis’ cockpit, capturing Megatron in the process. Optimus pleads Dinobot to escape with them, but he refuses.[8] Dinobot then bids farewell to Optimus, and is shortly engulfed in an explosion as the Nemesis returns to the ocean.[8] [edit] Dreamwave ProductionsDinobot's earliest fictional depiction in comics was in a two part short story told in Dreamwave's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series. In this tale Dinobot and his leader enter an ancient Autobot library housing a node of the super computer Vector Sigma where they view the datatracks concerning the Autobots and Decepticons of The Great War. As Dinobot dispatches a Maximal security agent his leader obtains the Golden Disk artifact and announces he wishes to be addressed as Megatron from now on. [edit] Fun PublicationsDinobot's early story would continue in the Timelines tale Dawn of Futures Past, where he was seen escaping with the disc alongside Megatron and Scorponok, outraged because he was not able to battle the Maximals honorably, having to be cowed into fleeing by Megatron. Dinobot was further outraged when Megatron planned to flee into Transwarp, but was delighted when Megatron opened fire on the Axalon while doing so. In this story, Dinobot was never named. [edit] IDW PublishingDinobot appears along the rest of the Maximals in the series Beast Wars: The Gathering, which takes place during season 3 of the animated Beast Wars series. Dinobot had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing

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