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All Grown Up Season 2
Background information
Origin Rugrats
Hero information
Full name Dylan Prescott Pickles
Alias Dil

Dil Pickles "D" (by Tommy (All Grown Up!) Drolly (by Angelica Pickles (Rugrats) Dilly (by Tommy) "DP" (by Charlotte in All Grown Up!)

Occupation Student
Powers / Skills Skilled in Throwing Objects

Skilled In Detective Skilled In Intelligence

Hobbies Pulling hair

Grabbing items Eating Hitting people on the head with various objects Aliens ("All Grown Up!") Laser tag ("All Grown Up!

Family Tommy Pickles (brother)

Didi Pickles (mother) Stu Pickles (father) Lou Pickles (grandfather) Trixie Pickles (deceased paternal grandmother) Lulu Pickles (paternal step-grandmother) Boris Kropotkin (maternal grandfather) Minka Kropotkin (maternal grandmother) Ben Kropotkin (uncle) Elaine Kropotkin (aunt) Drew Pickles (uncle) Charlotte Pickles (aunt) Angelica Pickles (cousin) Dylan Prescott (Didi's cousin) Bucky (first cousin once removed)

Friends / Allies Tommy Pickles (brother)

Chuckie Finster Phil DeVille Lil DeVille Kimi Finster Spike Susie Carmichael Vice Principal Pangborn Angelica Pickles (sometimes) Lil'Q Bean Mattson

Enemies Angelica Pickles (sometimes)

Coco LaBouche Spine Snapper

Type of Hero Little Brat Heroic

~ Dil Pickles

Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles is a character in the animated TV series Rugrats. He is the younger brother of Tommy Pickles, and first appeared in the show's first movie. Chuckie was originally the deuteragonist, and after the movie, Dil took the secondary main role. He is also the second son of Stu and Didi Pickles and the grandson of Lou and Trixie Pickles and Boris and Minka Kropotkin and the nephew of Drew and Charlotte Pickles and the cousin of Angelica Pickles.


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