Tell me it's Sunstroke Arnie then we can get you under the frigging air conditioner
~ Dennis in the novel
Dennis Guilder

Dennis Guilder

Dennis Guilder is one of the protagonists of the Stephen King horror novel Christine, the other two being Arnie Cunningham (who is hypnotized by Christine) and Leigh Cabot. He is the only friend of Arnie and strongly goes against the idea of him buying Christine but he buys her anyway. Afterwards he gets into a fight between Arnie and the school bully Buddy Repperton who gets suspended and as revenge Buddy, Moochie, Richie and Don who are Buddy's thugs severely vandalise Christine.


Dennis with Leigh

After a series of car deaths starting with Moochie and ending with Don Vandenberg eventually Dennis and Leigh concoct a plan to destroy Christine and eventually do. After Christine is fully destroyed he still thinks that she is back and destroying all who stood up against her saving him for last.
Christine Gets Smashed (HQ)01:43

Christine Gets Smashed (HQ)

Buddy and co trash Christine

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