Denise Gaines

Denise Gaines

Denise (Gaines) Klump is the love interest and later wife of Sherman Klump in the 2000 movie Nutty Professor 2:The Klumps. She is played by Janet Jackson.

Her Story

In the film Denise is a weathly born college professor of science who is engage to Sherman. She did not understand Sherman's strange behaviour at first until she discovered that Sherman is slowly losing his mind and that Sherman must be combined with Buddy to obtain his memory.

After finding Sherman alone by the train station fountain after Buddy (who was turned to goo, evaporated in the edge of the fountain) Sherman told her that he is no more.

She tearfully told Sherman that she would take care of him with her tears falling and hit the spot where Buddy evaporated.

As Denise and Sherman's father ushered Sherman out, Sherman muttered "Pretty water" which caused Denise to turn and saw the bright blue color of the water. Denise quickly realized that Buddy's DNA is still alive in the water.

Denise had Sherman drink the water which caused Sherman to regain his memory and the two were happily married.


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