Decka is a double decker chugger who introduced in Season 3.


Decka was introduced in Season 3. She appeared to be a large double decker tram with a BIG personality.


Decka is based on a Double Decker Tram 3-8-5. She also resembles the Alexandra Double-Decker Tram.


  • Season 3 - Top Secret Koko, Toot's New Friend.
  • Chuggington Specials - Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue


  • She is the only double decker tram in Chuggington.
  • She is the only chugger that has mirrors attached.
  • She is the second tram to enter the series.
  • She is the first tram in the series to actually run a passenger service.
  • Her catchphrases usually have her name encorperated. Ex) Decka-lightful.
  • She is the second double decker engine in Chuggington the first is Mtambo
  • Decka has a sign, that can change pictures. She used one to welcome Piper in Toot's New Friend.

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