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Hero Overview
Background information
Origin I came from New Mutants #98 (1991)
Hero information
Full name The Name's Wilson. Wade Winston Wilson.
Alias Zenpool, Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth, Jack, Talkingman (got that from the Hulk), Man of Steel-no wait, that's someone else....
Occupation Mercenary.
Powers / Skills I can decimate enemies with sheer awesomeness. Nah, I'm just really good with weapons and stuff. And I can teleport, and I also have super strength and speed. And I can't die thanks to a hyper-powerful healing factor. No biggie. I can debliterate when I get obliterated. I can also regenerate. Last but not least, I can easily get revived because I can't die! Also, I can't be possessed by demons, wizards and shit because Satana got my soul. I literally have no soul! I can shrug off this guy's so-called Penance Stare since no soul = no sin to burn. Even God's rules don't apply to me!
Hobbies Talking, fighting, killing, reaping rewards, more talking, more fighting, more killing... You get the idea.
Goals To tell the truth... not even I know.
Friends / Allies
Type of Anti-Hero I'm a freakin' Anti-Hero and Trash-Talking Heroic Mercenary, duh! Where do you think my nickname comes from?

I don't them, I don't need to, I know who I am. In T-Ray's mixed-up memories--ones that he shared with me--I was wearing my Deadpool costume when he found me. But I didn't become Deadpool until after I left Project X--after I got this healing factor to cure my cancer. After my mom dies of cancer when I was a kid. After my dad died in a barfight because of one of my drunken friends. After I'd been kicked out of the army. Which I'd sighed up for as Wade Winston Wilson. Because that's who I am. And anyone who says differently... is just imagining things.
~ Deadpool

Hey there fans! Welcome to the best article in the wiki - I'm not really a hero in the traditional sense of the word, but my eccentric sense of humor and outrageous adventures have made ​​me a popular actor in my own series is said - although I'm motivated by money rather than morals and I am likely to be the commission of an offense to me doing heroics. I am regarded as a morally neutral character these days than a true villain or hero. Great, huh?

Powers and Abilities.

Through the Weapon X facility, I got a regenerative healing factor much like Wolverine's, but faster, cooler, and better. I am also very skilled in the use of weapons, mainly firearms and swords, and usually I have many myself. How awesome is that? I also carry a teleportation device with me to get me out and sometimes-in danger! Oh yeah, and there's also the whole super strength and agility.


  • Some people think I'm a "copy" of the DC villain Deathstroke. True, but as I said in the Villains Wiki, it was on purpose! And Deathstroke Foreman is back, so? But yes, so what if I'm like a copy of it? Well, similar name, costume, powers, weapons, work, etc, etc ... I just read your page on Villains Wiki and watch. Oh by the way, I'm much cooler than Deathstroke too!
  • Some people think I look like this guy - because of the mask, but mine is better than what Spider-Dork featured!
  • I'm a villain. Go to my page on Villains Wiki and you will realize why I am a villain.
  • Also HOLY CRAP look at how many categories I'm in. I always knew I was special! hehehe.... huh? "Heroes with mental illness" ..... now I feel insulted. [despite how true it is.]-_-
    • What do you mean I'm an Unwanted Hero?! Hurtful! Everyone wants me, even the ladies! You guys must be really jealous that I got to bang death herself instead!

Do you want a chimichanga?


Favorite Hobbies

Having a tête-à-tête with the ladies.

Making good move about myself.

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