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Katniss getting restrained by Haymitch
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Katniss suffering mental distress
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The damsel in distress can fall into dangerous situations in many ways. Usually she is held prisoner by the villain, mostly bound and/or gagged, locked in a cage, etc. A damsel in distress can also get swept away by a river, chased and attacked by a monster or dangerous animal, or caught up in a natural disaster. Mostly, the hero can save this kind of heroine, or she can free herself.


"Somebody help! Somebody!  - Eva kidnapped by Shorty

"Hey let go of me! - Hallie kidnapped by Putties

"Dad! He's got me!" - Gosalyn Mallard

"Don't listen to him Dad! - Marva Cooper captured by the Penguin

"Au Secours! Help! Help! - Madeline

"Aladdin!" - Jasmine trapped in the sand timer by Jafar.

"Mario! Luigi! Help me!" - Peach

"Mr. Fagin! Mr. Fagin, help me!" - Jenny Foxworth being grabbed by Bill Sykes.

"Stitch!" - Lilo held hostage by Captain Gantu

"Help! Someone please help me!" - Mary Jane Watson

"Bruno! Yes Bruno. Quick get Bruno. Get Bruno!" - Cinderella locked in her room

"Simba, ahh!" - Nala

"Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." - Princess Leia, in her message to Obi-Wan

"Anakin, Help Me!" - Padme Amidala, as she is dying in childbirth in Anakin's vision

"Dimitri!" - Anastasia about to be killed by Rasputin

"Help! Sombody come help!" - Vanellope von Schweetz about to die in her game

"Daddy help, help Daddy! Daddy!!!!" - Susie & Jessica Being kidnapped

"Biyomon!" - Sora Takenouchi

"Ahhh! Somebody help me!" - Mimi Tachikawa

"Hey get your hands off me you creeps! I SAID LET GO!!!!!" - Maria kidnapped by Putties

"Help! Help, Hero! Let me out of here! Oh, oh, Hero! Hero, help! Help me!" - Thumbelina kidnapped by Mama Toad

"Get your filthy paws off me!" - Beans held hostage by Bad Bill and his gang

"Let me go!" - Olivia captured by Fidget

"Let me go! No, Falcon! No!" - Margalo

"Toto! Toto, help! Toto!" - Dorothy chased by flying monkeys

"Ahh!!! Let me go! Big bird!!" - Kimberly Ann Hart

"Stay away from us!" - Elsa Van Helsing attacked by Mr. Whiskers

"Help!!!!" - Eliza Thornberry kidnapped by poachers

"Lyle, let go of me!!!" - Ursula Stanhope kidnapped by Lyle van de Groot

"Aaahhh!!! Raven, help!" - Starfire (in Raven's body while saving Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg from the Puppet King)

"I don't know any 'The Party'! Let me go at once! Why are you treating me like a criminal?" - Dot (in Dot in Space). (Papa Drop's answer is, "Because you are a criminal! You are guilty of the awful, horrible crime of being... square!")

"Let me go! (Adonis: 'purrs' You're fiesty.)" - Raven

"Help! The ghosts has got me!" - Misty

"Let me go! Help me!" - May

"Help me, Ash!" - Dawn

"Help me, Ash!" - Iris

"Oh no, I'm stuck! I can't move! I'm frozen! Somebody help me!" - Bulma

"Grandpa, help me! (Goku: Pan!) I can't see anything! You have to help me! Please!" - Pan

"Goku, help me!" - Chi-Chi

"Shaggy, help!" - Crystal (Scooby-Doo) about to be beheaded by Steve

"Z, help me!" - Princess Bala about to be crushed under a shoe

"Help, Po!" - Tigress

"Let me go! Let me go!" - Kimber Benton

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" - Kay Lawrence

"I trusted you and you lied to me!"- Kari

"Let go of me! Let go!!! - Kairi

"LET ME OUT!!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! LET ME OUT!!!!" - Eloise

"Stay away from us!!!!" - Elsa Van Helsing

"Help! Punjab, help me!" - Annie in danger of falling to her death while being chased by Rooster Hannigan.

"Alan, please! You gotta help me!" - Christy Fimple

"FLIK!" - Dot chased by a bird

"You have to tell them to let me go." - Elsa locked in The Arendelle dungeon by Hans

*"I'll get you the money, just not that way!" - Roman Bellic

"Ripley! Ripley!!" - Rebecca "Newt" Jordan

"Slimy pig, you let me go! Stop it!" - Marion Ravenwood held prisoner by Toht and about to be dropped into a pit.

"How dare you touch me!" - Princess Mei captured by bandits.

"Please somebody help! Ohh... (shivers) Please!" - Anna as she is being locked up in her room by Hans and dying from her freezing heart.

"Eric, help!" - Kitty Ko captured by Grunk

"Help! Get me out of here!" - Jessie as she is trapped in a tool box.

"Hey let me go!!!! STOP!!!!!!" Serenity being kidnapped by Rare Hunters.

"Help! Sofia!" - Oona getting kidnapped by Cedric/Sea monster

"Let me GO!" - Marina captured by Drake

"Jamal!" - Latika captured by Salim and Javed's henchmen

"Megamind, please come save me." Roxanne Ritchi after being tied up and filmed by Tighten.

"[to Nicky] You! It was you! Kermit was right! You're a phony. You're a phony! Yes, you are! And you know what, you can't even sing! Your voice was dubbed!, Kermit." Miss Piggy after being wrongly accused as a thief and taken away to the police station.

"Help! Help!" - Kessie being blown away in a snowstorm.

"No, no let me go." Elphaba after be captured by the wizard guards.

"INDY!!! FOR GOD'S SAKES! HELP ME! WHAT WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?!!!" - Willie Scott who is being sacrificed to Kali by being lowered into the lava.

"Father please, don't do this". - Vexy after being locked up in a cage by Gargamel.

"Mr. Peabody! Sherman! Please help me!" Penny Peterson after be taking away by King Tut's guards.

"Aahhhh!" Alise getting kidnapped by the scullions

"Someone please help us" - Delphine in deshydratation with the others aquitians rangers.

"Somebody, please, please help me!" - Nurse Joy

"Help! Robin, help!" - Maid Marian

"Never, i will never marry you." The princess in Jack and Beanstalk pantomime when she force to married the giant after being captured by Fleeshcreep.

"Help! This is unacceptable! Now, get it off of me! Rudy, help!" - Penny Sanchez attacked by a Wiggie

"Mickey!" - Minnie Mouse

"Come see it Darwin, i am worried about the fairy dust" - Periwinkle when she want to show Darwin the fairy dust.

"Periwinckle" - Tinker Bell when she go to ask Periwinkle and other winter's fairies help for save the great tree before breacking her wings in the blizard.


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