Dale (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

Dale is one of the main heroes in the horror-comedy film Tucker & Dale vs Evil.


Despite Dale's scruffy appearance, he's actually a very gentle, shy and overall polite person deep down. He lacks self-confidence with himself and is nervous around women. Despite his attempts to talk with Allison and her friends when they first met, he only freaked them out and it made him depressed.

Dale is also very shy around undressed women, as when Allison was undressing in front of him he covered his eyes, something Tucker teased him for. Dale is also a skilled cook, capable of making pancakes and eggs in a rundown cabin for Allison.

Dale is also not one to be shy to show his emotions, even if it means to cry in front of others, such as when the college kids started dying on his property and later telling Allison about how Chad almost killed his dog.

Dale is also very brave, risking his life multiple times in the film. He dove in to save Allison when she was drowning, set out to save Tucker from Chad and again to fight Chad and save Allison from Chad killing her.

By the end of the film, Dale was finally able to gain confidence with himself and ask Allison out and the two seem to have become a couple.

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