It is a battle android created by Dr. Grigor Rendel to destroy Max Steel, but because the internal clock of your CPU is restarted by the steel Max Energy, Max Cytro must protect so that it can destroy when their original programming active. No matter good or bad, his voice and manner are as attentive and reflective of a butler trained for war. Cytro can not be destroyed if program containing his personality still exists, only needs to be installed on a new cybernetic body. Cytro not just a tool, he can learn and make decisions on their own regardless of their programming, and finally, develops a strange sense humor. Cytro asks questions like a human being, and want to know the why of human behavior that seem useless. He is more human than many people, according to Max. At the end of the movie "Max Steel Bio Crisis" explodes with Extroyer clone but later rebuilt by Berto and becomes N-Tek agent.


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