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Cutie honey f (manga)
Honey Kisaragi, aka Cutie Honey, is the main character of the Cutey Honey mythos.

Honey Kisaragi is a regular schoolgirl, until the day her father is murdered by the "Panther Claw" organization. After his death, she learns she is actually an android created by him and within her is a device that can "create matter from the air" (空中元素固定装置 kūchū genso kotei sōchi, variously translated as "[atmospheric] element condenser mechanism", "Fixed System of Air Elements", "Airborne Element Solidifier", etc.). With her cry of "Honey Flash!" she can use the device to transform into the sword-wielding red-haired superhero, Cutie Honey. This device, or similar devices, have been used to explain her powers in all later Honey versions.

While attending the Saint Chapel School for Girls, Honey seeks revenge against the Panther Claw, which is ruled by an ancient primordial evil known as Panther Zora and her younger sibling Sister Jill. Zora wants "the rarest items in the world" and seeks Honey's device, while Jill, leader of the group's division in Japan, "only wants the finest riches" and has a crush on Honey. Honey's best friend at school is the cute, freckle-faced Aki "Nat-chan" Natsuko. In the manga, Nat-chan, as well as the other students, had a crush on Honey; this crush was downplayed in the TV series.

Honey is aided in her quest by Danbei Hayami and his two sons, journalist Seiji and young Junpei. Danbei is based on the character Daemon from Go Nagai's prior work Abashiri Family. Nagai's manga also borrows the character Naojiro from that series (in a female form named Sukeban Naoko); the anime borrows the Paradise School, along with the characters Naojiro and Goeman (a teacher at the school) from the series.


Honey originally appeared as a teenage girl with long blonde hair with a hair band, blue eyes, a blue and white dress, and white go-go boots. However, after her first major victory against Panther Claw; Honey began to use her much more recognizable appearance as Cutey Honey a valiant young woman with short red hair and eyes, a blue top that exposes her cleavage, a red bottom, yellow gloves, boots, and arm brace. Throughout the entire manga storyline, she had multiple forms and disguises that change throughout the series. In all her forms and disguises, she wears the Airborne Element Fixing Device as a choker with a heart emblem.


Compared to her more carefree counterpart from the anime, Honey is more sophisticated and mature for girls her age. Like most teenage girls she is easily embarrassed when seen naked (which happens quite a lot in the series). Honey has a friendly, warm, and cute personality that attracts people to her regardless of age or gender even enemies like Sister Jill. She has a high sense of justice and is willing to fight for this view whether they are petty criminals or the vicious Panther Claw. In Cutey Honey 90s Honey becomes much more bold and shameless, using her attractive figure to her advantage.

Abilities and Powers

As revealed in Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu, Honey is an android composed of a mechanical frame and organic tissue, making her very close to functioning as a human being. As long as her skeleton and brain are intact, she is able to heal from any wound or injury inflicted on her. Honey's powers are mainly used through the Airborne Element Fixing Device that allow her to shapeshift and create objects from air. By Cutey Honey 90s, she becomes much more versatile with the device making diamonds, guns, and parachutes for certain situation. On a side note, Honey has a lot of charisma able to convince people for help even the Japanese Prime Minister for finance or an alliance with the Japanese Defense Force and US Army. Tennyo Densetsu reveals that Honey when in direct contact with someone can also use her Flash ability to outfit the other person with outfits and equipment.

Forms and Disguises

By using the Airborne Element Fixing Device, Honey is able to change her appearance to suit her needs.

Honey Kisaragi

Honey's standard form when out in public, this form has no special abilities save for the Airborne Element Fixing Device, high acrobatics, and boots that allows her to run up trees; as it is meant to make Honey look like a normal girl.

Hurricane Honey

A motorcyclist used for transport and quick getaways wearing a riding suit and helmet. Next to Cutey Honey, this is Honey's most used form for its transportation abilities. In the original manga, she rode a standard model bike. By Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu, Honey creates a high-tech sport bike that can use its headlight as a laser beam to cut through inches of steel and have a sidecar attached.

Cutey Honey

Honey's main form used in combat adorned with a sleeveless jumpsuit that shows her cleavage and is armed with the Silver Fleurette sword and the Honey Boomerang. In this form she has high reflexes and above average strength, able to leap stories and cut through some of the strongest metals. She also at times can create armor and other weapons depending on the situation in battle. In the 90s manga, Honey can push a button on her crotch area to cause a hyper change that increases the amount of micro muscles in her body to increase her combat capabilities. In Tennyo Densetsu, the Silver Fleurette showed a function that has it act like a stun weapon upon making contact with a target, paralyzing them for a certain amount of time.

Flash Honey

A reporter adorned with clothing similar to Seiji Hayami, Honey used this form to disguise herself as Seiji's coworker. Instead of a blinding flash, her camera contains a smoke screen.

Angel Honey

A form introduced in Cutey Honey 90s. This form sprouts wings on Honey's back that allow her to fly and is armed with a dagger for combat. In its debut appearance, she wears a toga but in Tennyo Densetsu she wears a clear and revealing cloth.

Combat Honey

A form used in Cutey Honey 90s, this dresses Honey is military combat uniform and uses a machine gun for combat.

Armor Knight Honey

A form in Cutey Honey 90s that has Honey wear knight based armor that can withstand explosions from C4 mines and is armed with a hidden sword and a spear.

Hisashi Hanyu

A disguise of a young man with glasses and crew cut and spiky hair in Tennyo Densetsu. To make the disguise work, Honey acts like she's afraid of women, especially when they're naked. This form is often nicknamed Kyu-chan by Seiko Hayami.

Rocket Man Honey

A form used by Honey for high speed flight. It arms her in a suit with airplane wings and boosters for supersonic flight. The wings and boosters can switch directions for the propulsion to take effect.

Mazinger Honey

A form introduced in Tennyo Densetsu. Cutey Honey creates a 3 meter robot resembling a mix of the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger with Honey's torso acting as the Pilder while controlling the robot's limbs with a pair of levers attached to the crown area. This is Honey's largest form and takes a lot of energy to create.

Other Forms

At the beginning of the series, Honey had the same seven forms as her anime counterpart, but used only Hurricane, Cutey, and Flash Honey due to the low amount of releases for the manga. She also used a series of other disguises like a bronze statue of herself, a nurse, a model, a professional wrestler and several more. Some of them also have unique abilities like an animal tamer that is armed with a whip and when applying eye contact can control animals. She also has a Tarzania based form where Honey wears only a cheetah-skinned loinclotoh, gains heightened reflexes, and is armed with a dagger for combat.

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