Ha ha! Most excellent! Now, turn your fishy tails 'round and swim straight on through to Sydney! No worries, man!
~ Crush'

Crush is a 150-year old green sea turtle and a supporting character in Finding Nemo and a minor character in Finding Dory. He is one of the turtles who lives in the East Australian current. Crush is laid-back and speaks with a California surfer accent. He first appears in Finding Nemo. Has a happy personality.

He is voiced by the film's director Andrew Stanton.


When Marlin and Dory get surrounded by a school of turtles, Marlin is accidentally on him. Crush has a son named Squirt who is very mischievous. Marlin explains his story about why Nemo is lost and what he did on his adventure. This made all the other sea creatures listen to his story. The next day, Marlin and Dory leave Crush in the current before getting eaten by a whale. Crush is still alive, since he is 150 years old.

Theme Parks

Crush appears in the attraction, Turtle Talk With Crush. He interacts with guests in this attraction.


  • Crush has a cameo appearance in a mosaic in the movie WALL-E during the credits.


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