Tod, if it's the last thing I do, I'll...I'll get you for this!
~ Copper to Tod

Copper is a hound dog and the titular deuteragonist of The Fox and the Hound and it's 2006 midquel.

He is the best friend of Tod, the pet of Amos Slade and the "son" and somewhat "student" of Amos' other dog Chief.

He is voiced by Corey Feldman as a pup, Kurt Russell as an adult and Harrison Fahn in the midquel.


As a puppy, Copper is fairly curious. He has an excellent sense of smell, which made prone to wandering off, following various scents. One of these instances led to him befriending Tod, being unaware that the two were natural enemies. However, he could be slightly cautious, especially around his owner and the older Chief.

As an adult, he is much more serious, having been trained as a hunting dog. However, he does not initially go for Chief's theory that a hunting dog must be nasty, preferring to simply TRACK and smell out game. His training leads him to break off his relationship with Tod. However, he spares his friend out of past friendship until Chief is injured in an accident, at which time he becomes focused on revenge. However, their friendship would be rekindled, in a distant manner, when Tod saved him and his master from a rampaging bear. Copper would later repay his friend brave efforts by keeping his still-mad boss from shooting Tod.

In the 2006 midquel, Copper seems that he was unable to do things right.


  • His name was Toby in Spain and Italy.
  • His name was spelt as Cooper.
  • Although Copper is Amos Slade's youngest pet dog in the film, he was older than Chief in the book.