Colonel Alloy


Colonel Alloy





Colonel Alloy is the leader of the Droid rebellion, and the first Droid you come across.




Not much is known about Alloy's past, but some think he may have been an architect before he became a Colonel and raised the Droid Rebellion

A New Recruit

Alloy got word that there was a new recruit from Krunk, Hosed, and Screwed. When he rallies everyone for a mission that involves sealing off the Mil Mines, he tell Glitch no way no how. Eventually, he relents since there is only Hosed and Screwed left. He send the new recruit out on several missions, even transmitting some valubale information to him. In time, he sees Glitch as a valuable recruit and the most provocative in the Driod Rebellion, even seeing some of that rebellion when he first saw him.

Colonel alloy

Colonel Alloy, Leader of the Droid Rebellion

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