I am Clarisse, Drakon Slayer!!! I will kill you all!
~ Clarisse La Rue
Clarisse La Rue

Clarisse in book series.

Clarisse is one of the many characters in the Camp Half-Blood series, and is a major character in the movie, The Sea of Monsters. At first, Clarisse was a bully if anything, always being mean to Percy Jackson , but eventually she became just another good guy.

She is also the Greek half-sister of Frank Zhang (the son of Ares' Roman form Mars).

Clarisse La Rue movie

Clarisse in movie Sea of Monsters


  • The satyr who brought Clarisse to Camp Half-Blood was Gleeson Hedge who is one of the main characters in Percy Jackson and the Olympians' sequel series The Heroes of Olympus. Clarisse would later become the godmother of Gleeson's son Chuck.