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Ciel Opening
Background information
Origin Black Butler
Hero information
Full name Earl Ciel Phantomhive
Alias Ciel, Young Master, Smile
Occupation Earl of Phantomhive, Watchdog of the Queen, Owner of the Funtom Corporation
Powers / Skills
Goals To revenge his parent's death
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero

Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the Phantomhive noble family and is known as the Queen's Watchdog. He is the owner of the Funtom Company and the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. Ciel is the main protagonist of the Kuroshitsuji series.


Ciel's right eye

Ciel's Faustian contract displayed at his right eye.

Ciel is a young male with blue eyes and dark navy blue hair. As the head of the noble Phantomhive family, he typically dresses in a way that suits his standing, and has an extensive and elegant wardrobe.

Ciel nearly always wears a black eye patch over his right eye, not because he is missing it, but because that is where the sign of his Faustian Contract with Sebastian Michaelis is hidden. Typically, he wears a black eye patch with a single cord with his day wear. However while in disguise, he adorns a medical-looking, white patch which fastens with two cords. Moreover, Ciel has a brand on the left side of his body on the back from the time he was a slave in the occult. In the anime it is on his chest.


Phantomhive signet ring.

Ciel wears two rings. One, which he wears on his left thumb, is an ornate silver piece holding an emerald-cut deep blue stone, a one-of-a-kind family ring that has been passed down through his family for generations. The other is a gold seal, or signet, ring in the form of the family crest, worn on his right hand, and used to stamp the wax seal on documents. The seal was given to him by Angelina Durless after his return, telling him it is the only one left as the other rings were destroyed in the fire.


Ciel is a very strict and proud character, with a general cold outlook on life. As proud as he is, his main goal in life is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did. He willingly chooses to fulfill his revenge, despite his aunt's insistence that he should pursue a happier life.

He is extremely loyal to Queen Victoria and aims to accomplish his given tasks. He is also punctilious on orders as he expects Sebastian Michaelis, his butler, to complete them accordingly. Ciel often finds it entertaining to challenge Sebastian, whether in the areas of strength or skill. Nonetheless, Sebastian and he work together often, and only his butler seems to be aware and knowledgeable of Ciel's schemes and plans, in contrast to the other Phantomhive servants.

Ciel is competitive, in which he acknowledges it himself, saying that he would not lose in a competition during Frances Midford and his hunting contest. He was not appeased to have a draw with Frances and insisted for another round until the victor is prominent. Sebastian has noted that Ciel is arrogant and overly confident in his skills to the extent that he has the viewpoint of 'there's no way I can ever lose'. Therefore, there are still some childish traits in Ciel that would need to be corrected by the adult he respects.

Manga's Synopsis


It begins in one morning where Sebastian, a butler, wakes Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve-year old Earl, and serves him an elegant breakfast. He takes the initiative to dress his master and inform him of his prompt schedule for the day. As the day progresses, Sebastian's meritorious skills as a fighter and servant are highlighted. Ciel tells his butler that they got a call from Italy from Sir Clause, who would arrive at six o' clock and Sebastian promises hospitality.

Afterwards, Sir Clause arrives. Ciel asks for his usual goods and Sir Clause hands over the game, saying it was difficult to obtain. Ciel opts for another game soon, saying that kids have a greed for games. Sebastian interrupts and serves them their evening meal. Things are processing smoothly until Mey-Rin accidentally spills wine on the tablecloth. Sebastian then pulls the stained tablecloth cleanly and swiftly from the table without disrupting the food and plates on it. Ciel tells Clause to ignore the tablecloth and continue eating leisurely. Clause praises that Ciel's butler and they later enjoy Japanese dessert.

Consequently, Ciel and Sebastian then goes to retrieve a new cane to replace the one Finnian broke. The shopkeeper mistakes Sebastian as the owner of "Master's" cane to Ciel's annoyance. Sebastian tests the cane out on the shopkeeper, scaring and thus, silencing him. They both depart from the shop after the butler pays for the cane.

When they arrived home, Ciel is shocked by his mansion and his servants whom are decorated with girly accessories. He discovers that his fiancee, Elizabeth Midford, is responsible for this. She opts for a dance party despite Ciel's dismay. Sebastian reminds him that he can not afford to turn Elizabeth down coldly since she is the daughter of the Midford-Marquis family and his future wife. Sebastian soon concludes that Ciel has no dance instruction, thus he is reluctant to join Elizabeth to the dance. He offers himself to teach Ciel the basics. Subsequently, Sebastian notes Ciel's sour look and the latter counters that he has forgotten how to smile happily.

Afterwards, Ciel comes out to greet Elizabeth. She was initially excited until she notices Ciel's blue ring and snatches it, noting how old it is and how the size is unsuitable. Ciel yells at her to give it back and she cries at his anger. Elizabeth throws the ring and it shatters to pieces at the impact. Ciel is horrified in seeing his ring broken and attempts to slap Elizabeth but Sebastian stops him. Ciel then picks up the shattered ring and tosses it out the window. He explains that he doesn't care about the old ring and declares that the ring is proof that the head of the Phantomhive is him. Ciel wipes Elizabeth's tears and dances with her.

In his bedroom, Ciel reaches for his blue ring only to remember that it is gone. Sebastian remarks that the ring is actually very important to Ciel and that he had only put on an ostentatious show of throwing it away for Elizabeth. He puts a hand over Ciel's and when he uncovers it, the blue ring is on Ciel's thumb. Ciel comments how the ring has witnessed the deaths of its masters; his grandfather and father. Irrefutably, he, himself, would grow sick one day and pass away with the ring. Sebastian tucks him into bed and Ciel orders him to stay be his side until he falls asleep. Sebastian then replies that he would always be by his master's side, until his death.

Later, Ciel is playing pool with other nobles. He promises that he would catch the "rat" soon since he received ingredients, that is drugs, from Clause. Ciel then retreats to his study only to be grabbed by an unseen attacker.

Elsewhere, it is revealed that the kidnapper is the Italian drug dealer, Azzurro Vanel of the Ferro family. He has bounded and beat Ciel. Azzurro says that he hates the English as they are too submissive to the Queen. He asks Ciel to cooperate but Ciel states that he refuses to conspire with a filthy "rat". Azzurro then demands to know the location of the drugs Clause obtained, threatening to kill Ciel's servants if not told, but Ciel simply laughs it off. Azzurro kicks Ciel and tells his snipers that negotiations are over and they are ordered to kill Ciel's servants.

Soon after, the snipers inform Azzurro that they have failed their annihilation mission to kill off the Phantomhive servants. Infuriated, Azzurro orders them through the phone to return at once when the snipers began screaming at an oncoming attack and their voices are cut off. Ciel chuckles and the latter, outraged, kicks Ciel tumultuously. Sebastian answers the phone, introducing himself as a member of the Phantomhive household. He says that he will come for Ciel soon.

Afterwards, Sebastian arrives and attempts to hand over the ransom but Azzurro has hidden men shoot him multiple times, inflicting what would be fatal wounds. He boasts that he is the winner of the game and returns his attention to Ciel. Azzurro threatens to sell him and removes Ciel's eyepatch. Ciel asks Sebastian how long does he plan to continue to play dead. In response, Sebastian stands up and "returns" the bullets by throwing the bullets at the men and killing them.

Sebastian and Ciel banter for a while which distresses Azzurro greatly and he threatens to shoot off Ciel's head. When Sebastian delays in saving him, Ciel demands if Sebastian dares to go against the Faustian Contract. Sebastian answers the negative, assuring him that that would be unthinkable. Ciel's right eye gleams with the contract's mark and he orders Sebastian to save him. Azzurro impulsively shoots at Ciel only to realize that he is not dead. Sebastian appears behind him with the bullet Azzurro has shot. He returns it to him, dropping it into Azzurro's pocket. Sebastian takes Ciel back sets him down in a chair and releases his bounds. He soon finishes Azzurro off.

Ciel and Sebastian return to the manor where the other servants greeted them warmly. Sebastian asks for forgiveness from Ciel for his behavior as today's supper preparations have been left entirely unfinished.

Jack the Ripper

It is the social season in London and Ciel has been invited to countless events of different varieties. Ciel and Sebastian ride on a carriage to London. They arrive at Ciel's London townhouse. They come in to find Lau, Madame Red and her butler, Grell Sutcliff, looting his house for tea. Ciel grouches to himself that of the people he didn't want to see, they all came. Sebastian apologizes for not accommodating them earlier since he has no idea guests were coming and prepares them tea. Ciel then discusses about the matter of prostitutes being murdered on the streets recently.

Ciel says that the killer's ways are very unconventional and irregular which is why the Queen is so disturbed by it. The murdered prostitute was Mary Ann Nichols. The wounds are inflicted by some kind of sharp tool, using quick cuts, resulting to a painful death. The police and the other prostitutes call the murderer: Jack the Ripper. Ciel explains that he has wanted to know the circumstances sooner so he rushed to London. Lau decides he would like to go to a crime scene, but it is then revealed that he does not actually know where it is. In order to get more information, they go see a London funeral director, Undertaker. They arrive at a dilapidated shop where Undertaker is. Undertaker appears out of a coffin and tells Ciel that since he went out of his way to visit him, Undertaker would certainly do everything in his power to help. Undertaker informs that the murdered prostitutes all had something in common. He then asks for a compensation, that is a "first-rate laugh", before he plans to reveal that crucial detail. Sebastian amuses him successfully and Undertaker reveals that all victims had their wombs removed. The culprit's work indicates that it has to someone experienced.

During the carriage ride, they speculate that anyone with medical training could be the murderer, and that the womb and organs are likely removed for use in a black magic ritual. Sebastian jumps out of the moving carriage to go compile a list of potential suspects.

They arrive back at Ciel's townhouse late because Grell traveled the wrong way. Sebastian has already returned home first than them with the tea and preparations finished. The butler shows that a list of names that fits their conditions have been made. The only person that suits their criteria is Viscount of Druitt, Aleister Chamber. Sebastian informs that on the 19th hour of today, the Viscount of Druitt will be hosting a party so tonight would be the most convenient time to go and investigate. Angelina uses her popularity to arrange invitations and connections for them all to come to the party. Sebastian tells Ciel that he would not be attending using the name Phantomhive so he must use his chance properly.

That evening, they arrive at the party. Angelina and Grell attend the party as themselves, Ciel as a girl and respectively Madame Red's niece from the countryside, Sebastian as Ciel's home tutor, and Lau as Angelina's lover. Angelina jokes that Ciel is her niece because she always wanted a daughter. And if anyone sees an one-eyed young boy with a 'dashingly handsome' butler, they would know it's him. Another reason he has to attend as a girl is because the Viscount's security is tight and he likes girls, much to Ciel's annoyance. They enter the party in search for Aleister. Ciel and Sebastian goes through great lengths to evade Elizabeth so Ciel's identity wouldn't be discovered and as an effect, tarnished.

Soon after, Ciel encounters Aleister and the latter soon leads him to a room behind the curtains. Ciel precariously enters only to notice an abnormal, sweet fragrance in the air. He begins to grow dizzy and his vision of the Viscount grows dimmer, and he realizes that he has to escape. However, he is knocked unconscious by the drug.

In a brief flashback, Sebastian is putting a corset on Ciel, who dramatically claims that his organs are coming out. Ciel then wakes up to to find himself blindfolded and his limbs tied. He hears the Viscount's voice talking to a certain audience, announcing that Ciel is the item they have been anticipating. He allows them to keep Ciel in a cage, "play with her" as much as they please, use her in a ceremony, or parts of her could be sold according to what the customer prefers. Ciel concludes that this is an underground auction and he's the one killing prostitutes and selling their organs in the auction. A person removes his blindfold and the bid for Ciel begins. However, Sebastian comes and rescues him. They escape before the police would arrive. In the following morning, the newspaper states that there has been another murder by the Jack the Ripper last night. This time it is another prostitute named Annie Chapman. Ciel is dumbfounded as Aleister Chamber didn't go anywhere last night. Lau says that if the suspect could not carry out the murders, than it's an impersonator or better yet, others from the beginning responsible for Jack the Ripper. Ciel tells Sebastian to organize a list of other suspects since Aleister is obviously not Jack the Ripper.

Later Angelina comes in while Ciel is working and offers to play a game of chess with him. As they begin playing chess, Ciel explains his relationship with Sebastian. Angelina replies that aside from being the Queen's watchdog of the darker side of society, he should have another way of living, a brighter way instead of pursuing revenge. Ciel corrects her, telling her that he does not wish for revenge for it would not revive the dead and revenge is just a show of selfishness. He did this for himself as he wishes for those who betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did. Ciel consecutively beats Angelina at chess forty-six times and she remarks that she always lose to him at chess. Although she never had children, she treats Ciel as her own son so she wants for him to leave this kind of society but he insists otherwise. He then kisses her on the cheek goodnight, saying he had a happy time playing with her. He leaves to retire for the night. In Ciel's bedroom, Sebastian arrives to inform him of his findings and tells him to make a decision.

Ciel is shown disguised a pauper boy. Sebastian has accompanied him to a cluster of buildings inside London. They are on guard outside the next murderer's target(i.e. another prostitute)'s room to await the arrival of Jack the Ripper.

There is a brief flashback to the manor, where it is revealed that Sebastian had considered an alternate suspect, much to Ciel's annoyance, someone who was not human nor demon.

They hear a scream from the prostitute's house, despite not seeing anyone enter. They rush inside and as a blood splash lands on Ciel's face, Sebastian stops Ciel from witnessing the murder. It is shown that Grell is the murderer, and he comes up with a feeble excuse for why he was there, despite unequivocally being covered in the prostitute's blood. Sebastian says it's impossible, because they would have seen him enter, and questions how he got inside. Grell reveals his true form and acknowledges that Sebastian is a demon butler. Sebastian comments that he's never seen a Shinigami, who is supposed to be completely neutral between God and humans, becoming a butler. Grell says that the reason that's so is because he's been captivated by a woman. When Sebastian asks for the identification of the woman, Angelina steps out, saying it should be obvious.

Ciel says her name had been in the list of suspects, which apparently includes Aleister Chamber and Lau, but that no human could have committed the act. However, due to the acts required to carry off the scheme, Grell, a Shinigami, as the co-criminal would be a different matter. His supernatural abilities would allow access to the prostitute's room without Ciel and Sebastian knowing and to travel to the murder scene from the Viscount's party. Thus, both Angelina and Grell had to act together as Jack the Ripper. An additional connection between all the prostitutes was that they had all had an abortion at Angelina's hospital. The prostitute Sebastian and Ciel have been guarding was the last name on the list, yet unfortunately their tactic to wait for Jack the Ripper to arrive failed and the prostitute was killed nonetheless.

Angelina comments that it's sad that he figured it out, because they can't play chess together anymore now. She screams that she won't go easy on him anymore, and Grell whips out his death scythe and attacks Ciel, which Sebastian is able to stop. Grell flirts with Sebastian for awhile which the latter finds disgusting. Ciel then takes off his eye patch, while Sebastian removes his gloves, and orders Sebastian to capture them.[44] Sebastian removes his coat to protect Ciel from the rain, and promises to make him hot milk when they return to the manor. Grell then dives with his death scythe, landing between Sebastian and Ciel, and he and Sebastian go off to battle.

Slightly down the street, Ciel questions Angelina as to why she committed these murders. She brandishes a knife, calls herself "the hunted" and states that there is only one path. He questions her again, but she says that he would not understand even if told the reason for her actions. When she moves in to kill him, yelling how it would be better if Ciel was never born, but hesitates. Sebastian, taking note of the attack, turns into his demon form and moves to kill her, but Ciel orders him to stop.

When he does, Ciel notices how injured Sebastian is and Grell comments that Sebastian has great endurance, as he went to save Ciel when one of his arms was useless. Grell then orders Angelina to kill Ciel, and she says that she cannot. Grell wonders about this, as she has already killed so many women, and says that if she does not kill, it would be her turn to be killed. Angelina refuses and as she begins to explain, he stabs her directly in the chest with his death scythe, the latter having lost interest in an 'ordinary woman' like her. As she falls to the ground, a cinematic record is revealed and Ciel learns of her past and how her losses led up to her killing prostitutes.

In the present, Grell is frustrated with Angelina and said she's not fit to wear red and Angelina dies. He takes his leave but Ciel orders Sebastian to take down Jack the Ripper. They then resume fighting. After a while, Sebastian gains the upper-hand and is about to kill Grell with his own death scythe when William T. Spears, another Shinigami, appears. William apologizes and drags Grell away. Sebastian then apologizes to Ciel for letting Grell escape, but Ciel says it does not matter anymore. Sebastian says they should go, and Ciel agrees. When he goes to stand, he sways, and Sebastian moves to help him. Ciel pushes his hand away, telling him that he does not need Sebastian's support, and that he is just a little tired.

Inside, it is shown to be Angelina "Madame Red" Durless's funeral. Ciel arrives late, but carries a red dress. He walks to her casket, and says that the white flowers and subdued clothes she was placed in does not suit her, as only passionate red does. He presses his forehead against hers as red flower petals drift through the chapel at this time, much to the guests' surprise. Leaving the red dress there, Ciel tells his aunt to rest in peace.

Outside, in the graveyard, Lau asks if Ciel told the Queen of Jack the Ripper's true identity, which Ciel responds that he found that to be unnecessary, as the Jack the Ripper killings has been stopped. Lau says this decision will cause him to "sink into the mud," because of his refusal to seek help. Ciel retaliates by saying Lau's opium and intoxicants den, in time, will surely be closed by the police. Lau brushes this off, saying he can find a new business venture, as his interest in England and in Ciel has not yet been exhausted.

They part ways, and Ciel and Sebastian go to speak to Undertaker, who gave Jack the Ripper's last victim a grave and a burial. Undertaker calls Ciel kind to give a nameless prostitute her own grave, but Ciel says he is not, because he had many opportunities to save this woman, but because he placed catching the killer above saving her, she died. He sayss he even let his own aunt die for the same reason. Undertaker asks if he feels regret, but Ciel says he does not because the killer is gone and Queen Victoria can be at ease. Undertaker says he does not like the Queen because all she does is sightsee from way up high and forces harsh tasks for the Earl to complete. Ciel replies that it's the karma his family has been burdened with and he inherited with his ring. The Undertaker comments that Ciel is bound to the Queen with the ring acting as a collar connecting he and the Queen with a chain called karma. Ciel says that he was the one who decided to the put the collar around his own neck and the Undertaker says that he hopes the collar will choke him one day. He takes his leave, saying the Earl and his butler can stop by any time.

Sebastian agrees that it was kind, or else he would be just a coward, because Ciel had a hidden gun, but did not pull the trigger. He hesitated in killing Madame Red, even when Sebastian insisted, and Sebastian guesses this is because Ciel was too afraid. Ciel dismisses this claim, saying it was Sebastian's job to protect him, regardless of whether Ciel protected himself. As the contract goes: "until my objective is achieved, you will become my power. Protect me to the end so that I am not killed." Ciel says that because demons have no convictions or loyalties, Sebastian will protect him for the sake of a demon's principles and aesthetics. Sebastian asked why he was stopped from killing Angelina then, and Ciel says it is because she hesitated in killing him and lost sight of her next move. They compare it to a game of chess, that because Ciel has come so far, sacrificed so many people and committed so many sins, that he must not lose the king piece, or it is game over. Ciel says he will not regret decisions that have allowed him to advance, and he orders Sebastian to never betray or leave him.

Several months after the death of Madame Red, Ciel dreams of the incident that happened during a stormy night, particularly midnight where it took away all his hopes and dreams. He was face to face with Death when he saw a black crow flew over his head and its gaze is filled with mirage as it said: "The dead can never come back to life. Never more." Sebastian comes to wake Ciel up and he slowly awakens from his nightmare only to pull a gun on Sebastian's forehead, telling him not to touch him.

Sebastian prepares him milk tea, saying that milk can soothe the nerves and calm Ciel down, especially after a nightmare. He suggests against reading Edgar Allan Poe's works before nighttime but Ciel brushes it off, saying he could do as he pleases. Sebastian then informs him that Frances and Elizabeth Midford would visit this afternoon and Ciel gets anxious over this, ordering Sebastian to quickly make preparations. The butler is confused over Ciel's agitation and tells him that they'll be here this afternoon so there's no need to rush. Ciel yells at him that this is Aunt Frances he's talking about.

It is shown that the Midfords have arrived in the morning, instead of in the afternoon as planned, which Ciel expected. He and Sebastian go out to greet them and Frances neglects the formal greetings and muses that he has just awakened. Elizabeth, excited by how "cute" Ciel looks with bed head, greets him warmly by squeezing him into a hug, which causes Frances to reprimand her for not acting like a refined lady. She then comments that Ciel's and Sebastian's bangs are improperly long for a male, and that they should take after Tanaka. She imperiously grabs them both and combs their bangs back neatly. Distressed by Ciel's "lazing about" and Sebastian's "indecency," Frances decides to begin retraining and wants to look about the manor and they end up at the stables. Upon seeing the splendid horses, Frances challenges Ciel to a hunting contest, and taunts him by saying that hunting is too strenuous for the Earl since he has a small, skinny build similar to a girl's. Ciel orders Sebastian to begin the preparations.

Elizabeth, Ciel, Sebastian, and Frances arrive out in the woods and Sebastian lays down the rules and informs that the time limit is three hours. As soon as he allows them to begin, Frances runs off, and Ciel tries to get Elizabeth to hop down off of the horse, as it is too dangerous. While she argues, Frances gets the first point, already shooting a bird and Sebastian notes to his amusement that she's a bit too tough for Ciel. Ciel fishes out his gun and shoots a bird right by Elizabeth's ear to even out the score. This startles her, but he says he will not lose in a competition. He then tells Elizabeth to stay with Sebastian since it would be too dangerous.

At the end of the competition, they are tied with hunting fifteen animals each. They go to eat lunch, and Frances states that she won't be appeased until there's a declared victor in which Ciel agrees, though noting that occasions whereby he agrees with her is rare. Sebastian then arranges for another competition in the afternoon.

While eating, a bear comes out of the woods and heads for Elizabeth, shocking all of them. Ciel dives on top of her, to protect her, and it appears that Frances was able to kill the bear before it could attack. Ciel concedes that he lost, since she killed a sixteenth animal, and she commends him for his bravery. She acknowledges him worthy of being her future son-in-law and they decide to go home. Back at the manor, the servants reveal a surprise they have for Ciel, cake and decorations. Frances, who looks upset, says the servants beat her to it, as she had actually come there to wish him a happy thirteenth birthday and tells the servants that she is counting on them to take care of Elizabeth and Ciel in the future. Ciel provides a genuine smile and thanks everyone. Afterwards, they celebrate and admire the snow.

Curry Contest

Ciel overhears Lord Randall yelling to Fred Aberline that Ciel is a brat who stole the glory of catching Jack the Ripper. He followed by his butler, then approaches them, sarcastically apologetic for being such a brat. Fred demands how he has gotten in here and Randall stops him and asks Ciel why he's here. Ciel answers that he has come to clean up the mess caused by the old pathetic hunting dog, that is Randall.

Ciel grabs information on the Anglo-Indian assaults from them, in order to review the case, muttering that the victims are not dead. He states that because this is embarrassing for the royal family, as they are blatantly being insulted, he would get involved. He agrees to the note's saying of "chosen children of sloth and depravity" as he believes England will be better off without India's wealthy upstarts. Ciel remarks that upper class is worthless and inquires what the tongue on the note means. Randall shouts that the criminal is mocking Britain and the Queen. Ciel notes that the reason he's being called here is the majority of smuggling Indians have a stronghold in East End. He muses that even city Yards don't know what to do with a dark street such as that and it's hard to identify the route and exact number of smugglers. Therefore, Ciel will make a move according to his own way since he wants to return to his manor as soon as possible. They return the documents, with Sebastian stating he had already memorized them, and they take their leave.

Sebastian and Ciel arrive at an ominous place where they go down the stairs and through a door in which Ciel comments that the place has an awful smell. The indicated person tells Ciel that he has finally found this place and although it feels awkward for Ciel to see him this way, he has anticipated that this day would come eventually. It is then revealed that they're at Lau's opium den, where he is relaxing with several girls, and Ciel yells at him at what kind of day this is. Lau asks him how it's been and congratulates his recent birthday in which Ciel counters that he doesn't care about such things and says that he has something to ask him.

Lau says that the Earl has come all this way to ask about "that" incident and that the news spread fast as they have already reached Ciel and tells him that he has been investigating "that" incident. Ciel replies that if it's about orientals, the most efficient way of gaining information is to ask the person with strong influence around here, that is the president of the British Branch of the Chinese trading company, Kunlun, and also of the Shanghai Mafia, Qingbang executive, Lau. Lau nonchalantly tells Ciel that he doesn't like it when he addresses him that way, as it is too formal, and asks the girl on his lap, Ran-Mao, if she agrees. Ciel scolds him to stop smoking opium and listen and leaves the East End as Lau's responsibility as the number of people who move in and out of this street are under his management. Lau assures him that he would do what the Earl asks of him as that's the compensation that allows him to conduct business in the underworld of this country. However, he has one question to ask of him: what exactly is "that" incident. Ciel is dismayed as he has to go back and explain from the start while Sebastian comments that Lau's typical of a yes-man. They head to the stronghold of Indian people and after Ciel's explanation. Lau says that since it's Ciel's duty to set an example for the common people, it must be exhausting for him which Ciel replies that that's just nonsense. Sebastian intervenes, saying that they've been walking for a while now yet they haven't arrived at stronghold of Indian people. Lau comments that he got lost in their conversation so it seems that he lost track of where they're at, much to Ciel's annoyance.

Ciel accidentally bumps into a man and the latter begins screaming for help, claiming that his ribs cracked. They are then surrounded by Indians. They demand that because Ciel is noble, he pays them consolation money and strip of everything they have and hand it over to him. Sebastian tells Ciel that they are once again caught among some irritating punks and Ciel orders him to dispose of them immediately. While they are threatening Ciel and Sebastian, a well-dressed Indian and his butler appears, holding up a poor drawing of a woman. He learns there is a fight going on, and notices Ciel with a butler and concludes that they are British noblemen. He says he will side with the people of his country, and orders his butler, Agni, to attack. Sebastian and Agni fight for a while and during a pause, Ciel comments that they had barely stepped foot in this place and those guys picked a fight with us and angrily questions if all Indians attack the British indiscriminately like barbarians. The prince asks the others if they had a reason to fight, and when they fail to present one, he reprimands that provoking fights without reason is childish and orders Agni to side with the British, adding that his 'brothers' are the wrong ones here. Agni quickly takes out all of the Indians. The prince, Soma, hopes that they're not injured and picks up Ciel's hat and places it on the owner' head, saying that this kind of area is not a place for a kid to wander about. He says that he's currently in a busy search and leaves with Agni.

Lau praises that those two are amazing and it is revealed that Lau was hiding on a roof for the "right chance to jump in" and he leaps down. He comments that Soma and Agni were definitely not from the East End, and in addition, they wear their dresses and accent are elegant. Sebastian says they should report and deliver the Indians who attacked them to the Yard.

At the Ciel's Londonhouse, they agree to wait to hear from Randall, as the perpetrators of the attacks may have been among those men. Ciel is annoyed by going all the way to London for this pitifully boring case, and Lau

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