Chie is main character of the Yume Nikki fangame Lcd Dem.


You explore Chie's dreams to collect orbs,and you must get all the orbs to get the ending, but LCD DEM is one of the few games where not all effects are required. You go into the dream world by sleeping in Chie's bed and save by interacting with her diary on her desk. Additionally, going into the bed while in the dream world will bring Chie in the middle of a Nexus-like are where you can see how many Orbs you have collected.


Chie has short light-brown hair with a hairpin/hairclip of an orange flower, and dark orange/brown shorts (sometimes drawn as a skirt). Like Madotsuki, her eyes are always closed. From her appearance, she could be anywhere from her preteens to late teenage years. She's believed to be younger than most of the other dreamers, younger than perhaps even Madotsuki.


It is usually estimated that she is young, and has a child-like innocence, due to the light and relaxing nature of the game. Chie is also depicted as being more gentle than other dreamers, possible because the axe effect is not required to get the ending/beat the game.


Not much is known about Chie, but people predict that she has lost memory/does not want to remember certain things that have happened in her life, and the orbs represent her memories, with the area around the orbs being the memories/how much Chie has buried it into her mind.


It's implied that Chie either has forgotten or does not want to remember specific memories of events that have happened in her life. All of the orbs are usually hidden at a large, panoramic area, different from the rest of the game. The orbs may respresent the memories that she's forgotten/buried away. Once she remembers all of the memories (collects all of the orbs), she wakes up to find that the cabinet shelf has turned into a doorway, perhaps indicating she's finally ready to see what's beyond.


  • Chie is going to be playable character in Dream vs Dream fangame.
  • Her Possible reference to Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. This effect give Chie a Parka. In reality parka effect is dark-green cardboard.

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