Chatter Telephone (voiced by Teddy Newton) is a character in the Disney/Pixar animated movie Toy Story 3. He is a toy Chatter Telephone, based on the similarly-named toy manufactured by Fisher-Price since 1961. He cannot speak unless his receiver is lifted from its cradle and if he wants to say something, he rings as a way of getting someone to pick up his receiver.

When Woody returns to the Caterpillar Room at Sunnyside Daycare after coming from the Butterfly Room via Bonnie's backpack, Chatter Telephone explains how to escape Sunnyside (where the key is hidden, how to avoid the security cameras, etc). He also tells Woody about "The Monkey": a toy monkey that serves as chief of security at Sunnyside. He claims he can "never be broken" though when figured out he helped Andy's Toys escape, Lotso and the other evil toys break him. In the end credits, the toys at Sunnyside repair him, and he enjoys a happier life there at Sunnyside.