Chanticleer is the main protagonist of Rock-a-Doodle. He is an Elvis-based rooster whose job is to wake up the sun with crowing and singing. It works every morning until one day, the Grand Duke of Owls sends a stranger to fight with him. Although Chanticleer wins the fight, he forgets to crow, and temporarily, the sun went up, making the other animals think he is a fake, but then the rain came.

Because of this, Chanticleer went to the city and became "The King" (just like the real Elvis).

In the end he finally defeated the Grand Duke by crowing, after it he finally back to the farm and singing now married to Goldie Pheasan and both of them has two chicks one son who look like him while the daughter look more like Goldie and dance with Edmond and farm animals.

He was voiced by the late legendary musician Glen Campbell.